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Today, I am reminiscing. Let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane, back to the humble beginnings of my home business marketing career. It’s a long journey and I AM approaching my senior years, so settle in kids, this could be a long one!

Well, maybe it won’t be so long, but the story does go back almost four decades, back to the mid-seventies when I was a young man and just beginning to respond to the call of the entrepreneur.

One day, I saw an advertisement in a magazine or tabloid publication offering a book titled, “Plan for Mail Order Profits” written by David G. Baron. The ad did its job and I could not resist sending away for the book. I was not disappointed when it arrived. …

I think that may have been the first time I had ordered anything by mail order. That style of marketing truly appealed to me, and the fact that I was willing to make a mail order purchase was evidence enough for me that there must be hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of other people who would be equally inclined.

Home Business BooksBaron’s book was well-written, professionally printed and bound in an 8.5 inch by 11 inch soft cover. It held 160 pages separated into 12 insightful and informative chapters, each highlighting a particular element of mail order marketing.

More than simply offering Baron’s experience, advice and step-by-step guidance for success, the book also contained a directory of sources for products to sell as well as professionally designed product ad templates and sales letters that could be copied and used in your mailings.

The book was the real deal and delivered on its promise to help you learn how to get started in the home-based mail order marketing business.

I learned much from that book and it certainly fanned the flames of my desire to become a home business entrepreneur.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Did the book help GT become a mail order marketer? Did it work?”

Unfortunately, it did not. I am Canadian and the book was written with United States residents in mind and U.S. sources for products. Also, I suspect some of the sources were outdated.

I did follow Baron’s directions and I sent letters of inquiry to many of the suppliers, but I received few responses and some of those indicated that they accepted only U.S. based marketing partners. I eventually gave up on following Baron’s program of mail order marketing. The principle and the concepts were good. It just wasn’t right for me for the time.

Fortunately, my dream never died and I did eventually find some mail order techniques that produced a few dollars, and that interest eventually lead to other forms of sales and marketing.

Today, I am developing my home business as an Internet Marketer and I credit some of my knowledge and enthusiasm to that first marketing book I bought, David G. Baron’s Plan for Mail Order Profits. I still have it in my resource library!

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