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Believe it or not, your future as an Internet Marketer may depend on whether or not you take your online home based business seriously. Is it a hobby or a business? If it is a business, you had better get focused. Here are some tips.

Just so you are prepared for it, this is probably going to take some serious self-discipline. Few things have been accomplished by few people without focus, discipline, dedication and hard work.

Here is the first tip, and it should be pretty obvious: Schedule a time period each day where you will do nothing but focus on building or expanding your business. This might mean research or training or website development or basic marketing. …

During this scheduled “focus” time, do not get sidetracked by other diversions, like email, excessive activity on social networking sites or watching entertaining videos on YouTube. Focus only on your online home based business. Do not ambush your efforts by doing anything other than activities that actually build your business or generate sales.

Next tip: Be wary of the temptation of procrastination. When you work for someone else, you have a responsibility to meet their expectations and there are penalties for not getting a certain amount of work done within a certain time frame.

When you work for yourself, on the other hand, it is very tempting to avoid unpleasant or boring tasks and put them off until later. You’ve got nobody “cracking the whip” and only yourself to answer to, so it is easy to justify the delay and do something more exciting instead.

Online Home Based BusinessDon’t allow yourself to fall into that bad and unproductive habit. Fight procrastination by developing a no excuses, do it now attitude. Brian Tracy says to identify your top priority and work on only that until it is done. Again, focus is the key.

Third tip: Respect your responsibility to your business. Remember, it is like a job in the sense that if you don’t do it, you don’t get paid. If you don’t get paid, you can’t pay your bills. If you can’t pay your bills, you might have to work full-time for someone else and then you are back where you started, toiling your life away to help someone else achieve their dreams.

Do not lose sight of your purpose for running your own business. If you treat it with the respect it requires, you will see progress, experience success and enjoy the rewards of your dedication.

Basically, the three tips I have given you here are habits that can be easily developed and that will serve you well as you strive to build your business. They will get easier in time and you may find that once they are developed, you might start getting protective when other distractions threaten to interfere with them. When you reach that point, it will serve as evidence that you are truly taking your online home based business seriously!

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