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I was initially going to write a simple “Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year” kind of message, but you know me; I can’t leave it at that. So, here are some thoughts and recommendations that I’m calling the ABCs of accelerated success in 2011.

A) This letter stands for Affiliate Marketing and for Advertising. If you are looking for new ways to earn home business income, you can enhance your affiliate power with any of many good affiliate products and services available all across the Internet. And if you are going to promote anything on the World Wide Web, then you NEED a good advertising network to help you get the word out.

Recommendation #1: The Affiliate Power Group (APG), a membership site where you will get the lowdown on the best methods for Affiliate Marketing from experienced online marketing mentors. We’re talking real answers from real people. Plus, a website filled with great resources and a friendly member’s forum where you can exchange ideas and experiences with other entrepreneurs. The APG will help you get seriously focused and on track for a successful 2011. …

Recommendation #2: The adzly advertising network, a powerful viral marketing resource that lets you distribute your ads free to highly targeted prospects, many whom you may never reach on your own. It’s very easy to set up: write your ad text, choose the targeted category(s) you want to reach, click the submit button … and let the adzly system go to work for you!

B) This letter stands for Branding, something you seriously need to do if you hope to rise above the ranks of ordinary Internet Marketers. Respected author, speaker and business trainer Brian Tracy tells us that branding is the key to business success. Basically, your brand is the “reputation” you build for being honest and dependable. It is built around certain core values and principles, or best practices.

Recommendation #1: The Power of Branding, an audio program from Brian Tracy teaching you how to stand out from your competitors and dominate your market. This is an excellent resource, one that I have in my personal library. More details about Brian’s The Power of Branding are available in my blog post by the same name: The Power of Branding

Recommendation #2: The new social networking community, IM faceplate, designed to help you brand yourself as an Internet Marketer. IM faceplate is free to join and very easy to set up. You can quickly and easily set up content pages for your articles, create spotlights on your im faceplateproducts, services and programs, create links to your RSS feeds, including automated excerpts from recent blog posts, links to other social sites and websites, and add other features to help build your brand. Branding yourself as an Internet Marketer has never been easier!

C) This letter stands for Commitment, plain and simple! Earl Nightingale, the late, great radio commentator, speaker and author, encourages us to examine our dreams, identify our desires, pursue our deepest interests, focus on achievement and be 100% committed to personal success. This is the formula for both a happy and fulfilling life … and a successful 2011!

Recommendation: Recently, I wrote a blog post highlighting a most wonderful book in my personal library, Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery, Six words that changed the author’s life. This book, and the six words highlighted in it, can change your life, too. For more insight and information, read my blog post (by the same name): Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery

There you have my recommended ABCs of accelerated success in 2011. The New Year holds much hope and promise for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. There is no secret to success: simply find out what other successful people do to earn home business income and do the same!

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