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There are many social networking sites on the Internet today and each offers various features and strengths. However, if you are seriously trying to build up your home business income, then let me tell you about the best social network to brand yourself.

I am talking about IM faceplate. If you haven’t heard about it, I don’t know where you have been (LOL, why does EVERY marketer like to say that?) If you are not yet a member of IM faceplate, then keep on reading because you are truly missing out on an incredible business branding opportunity.

IM faceplate is just what the name suggests: it is a place to create your faceplate for Internet Marketing (IM). You can join free and then you can quickly and easily design your online profile using a variety of IM faceplate features and modules.

Once set up, you can use IM faceplate as the springboard that points your prospects to all other resources you use on the Internet, from websites to blogs to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Here is how you can use the IM faceplate social network to brand yourself:

On your actual faceplate:

– Link your blog posts so every time you post to your blog, the title and the first paragraph automatically posts to your faceplate with a link back to the blog post.

– Link to your Twitter account so that your most recent tweets automatically get posted to your faceplate.

– Create special lists on your faceplate. For example, I list links to my websites and to my various Twitter profiles.

– Set up your faceplate so every time you post an article in your personal IM faceplate article
, the title and the link automatically post to your faceplate.

– Quickly set up an opt-in form to help build your email list.

– Create Spotlights and set them up so the links automatically appear on your faceplate.

– Set up links and widgets to your other Social Networking sites – it’s quick and easy!

In your Article Directory:

– Post articles that relate to your niche or your website theme, your products, programs or services. Show that you are knowledgeable in your field and that you are a great source for helpful information. In other words, brand yourself as an expert and a preferred source for your products and services.

On your Spotlights page:

– Create spotlights for any of the products, programs or services you promote and sell. This is the ideal place to advertise and promote your best offers.

In the IM faceplate Community:

In addition to creating your faceplate, your Article Directory and your Spotlights page, work on branding yourself further by participating in the IM faceplate community:

– Join the discussion groups on hundreds of tops. Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by offering information, answers and insight.

– Start your own discussion groups on any topics you choose.

– Visit the faceplates of other members and write notes on their face and post comments on their articles and Spotlights.

– Post helpful, informative notes in the micro-blog timeline on your own faceplate.

Here is one of the strengths of IM faceplate: it is designed expressly to allow Internet Marketers to highlight and promote their products and services. Branding yourself has never been easier! When posting anything anywhere on your own faceplate, you can advertise and promote anything you want (within reason), including affiliate links, landing page links, website links or whatever. (Of course, when you are in the community sections, there are some guidelines and limitations as to what kinds of links you can post.)

Next to all of the great features of IM faceplate and the ease of getting it all set up, the best thing about IM faceplate is that is completely FREE to join. Yes, there is a Pro upgrade option and believe me, it is well worth it, but that is just an option. You can join free and you can remain free for as long as you want.

And since it is free to join, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t sign up right now and take IM faceplate for a test run. Check out all the sections and features and find out for yourself why it is the ideal place to develop as your personal all-in-one online business profile.

Whether you are just starting to build up your home business income or you are already an experienced Internet Marketing pro, you are going to discover that IM faceplate is indeed the best social network to brand yourself. Do not delay; join me at IM faceplate today!

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