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Here is my personal testimony for the Brian Tracy audio program, The New Psychology of Achievement. I am quite excited about the value this great resource has to offer.

While traveling recently I made use of the time to listen to all six CDs in the program. You may already know that I am a big fan of Brian’s personal development and training materials. The New Psychology of Achievement lives up to Brian’s high standards for delivering beneficial insight and strategies in an informative and entertaining manner.

The sub-title for the program is “Breakthrough Strategies for Success and Happiness in the 21st Century.” We live in a new age of marketing and communication. Many of the old paradigms have dropped away and to be successful in this new age, you need to learn and practice new strategies for approaching all the old, familiar challenges.

In The New Psychology of Achievement, Brian relates one of the biggest questions he most often Personal Developmentgets asked: “How can we compete more effectively in such a rapidly changing world?”

How do you think he would answer that question?

Well, Brian says, “You must develop the skills to out think and outsmart your competition.”

You must develop the skills to out think and outsmart your competition. There is no short cut to success. You must “develop the skills.”

In presenting his answer, Brian also gives a clear reason or purpose for wanting to beat the competition in this way. “You must possess all the skills to compete effectively and become one among the people who are really determined to enjoy all the good things in life,” he advises.

Why do YOU seek marketing success? Because you want to earn enough income to “enjoy all the good things in life,” of course.

Now, let me ask you, did you catch the qualifier in Brian’s statement? He says that you must be “determined” to enjoy all the good things in life. It’s not a hope. It’s not a wish. It’s got to be something you are determined to achieve.

Here’s what The New Psychology of Achievement will do for you. The program contains a whole series of powerful ideas that Brian has developed with many other people. The New Psychology of Achievement“Ideas for thought and action that you can use to accomplish more in the weeks and months and years ahead than you might have ever dreamt of in your whole life,” declares Brian.

Here are some of the highlights that inspired me in this six-CD series. In the first session on the first CD, Changing Your Thinking to Change Your Life, Brian talks about the “new millennium of learning” and why some people are more successful than others. He provides great examples and case studies to demonstrate his key points. He also elaborates on the concept that “there is no failure in life, only feedback.” And he closes the session with the seven orientations practiced by the most successful people.

In the second session on the first CD, Unlocking Your Potential, among other things, he describes the seven mental laws that determine your potential and he highlights seven key ingredients of the “1,000 percent formula.”

On the second CD, he covers strategies to motivate yourself to peak performance, including the keys to optimism, dealing with fear, doubt and worry, and ways to build greater optimism, self-confidence and a positive mental attitude.

A variety of informative and helpful topics are covered on the other four CDs. Perhaps a few of the sections that have inspired me most are sessions covering the qualities of self-made millionaires, the power of self-discipline, practical methods to simplify your life, and four key areas of life that need to be balanced.

In particular, the session on simplifying your life was quite enlightening for me. We simply do not realize all of the areas where we willingly give up control in our lives where, if we would instead take control and make some changes, we would be so much happier and much more productive. And when that happens, everybody around us benefits in the bargain.

I listened to this awesome audio program while driving down the highway. Now I want to sit down and listen to it again with pen and paper so I can make notes!

The New Psychology of Achievement is a rich resource that will definitely provide you with the breakthrough strategies that you need for success and happiness in the 21st Century. Check it out!

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