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Online marketers were warned they would have to work hard to keep up with rapidly changing trends, and now, with the new shift to t-commerce, another leap in strategic marketing will become necessary. Are you up to the challenge?

Website Magazine reports in the article, The Next Game Changer, by Tom Nawara of the Acquity Group, that “Tablet sales are expected to soar, and Forrester estimates that one-third of online consumers will be using a tablet by 2015.”

The article goes on to highlight a comScore report that states, “Nearly half of today’s tablet owners have made purchases on their devices. The practice now known as t-commerce is taking off.”

Retailers, including online marketers, need to take notice of this shift in consumer practices and begin adjusting their marketing strategies accordingly. …

The article explains that marketing for t-commerce is different than marketing for smartphones or desktop computers. It suggests that consumers are attracted to tablets because they bridge the gap between smartphones and desktops, “creating a context-sensitive and personalized experience regardless of one’s location.”
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The advantage over desktops is the mobility offered by tablets, and the advantage over smartphones is the larger screen and the capability to shop for items based on search or purchasing history.

The article highlights a few ways that tablets are being developed as sales tools for companies and retailers, including equipping their sales people with tablets to help personalize the selling process.

The author encourages marketers to research and understand their audience and plan their marketing focus accordingly. Also, to track the mobile device activity on their current website to see how much of that traffic may be originating from tablet devices.

“It is definitely worthwhile to implement a plan to deliver a more customized experience (for tablet users),” he says.

Online marketers interested in learning more about the new shift to t-commerce should read the article, The Next Game Changer in Website Magazine.

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