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How important is branding to your affiliate home business? Is branding truly the key to business success? Well, if you want more customers, more sales and more influence and respect within your social business circles, yes you do need to apply the power of branding to your business.

There was a time when branding seemed to be a concern only for the “Big Boys” of business. The little guy didn’t need to be as concerned about it as long as he or she was a good salesperson.

Today, with the World Wide Web, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking, branding has become a factor for anyone seeking online marketing success. If you want your business to grow, you need to understand what branding is all about and how to get it working for you.

One of the leaders I often turn to for information, insight and advice on developing my home-based Internet business is Brian Tracy and Brian says, “Branding is the key to business success!

Brian has helped over four million people achieve their business and personal goals and I can tell you that I have more of Brian’s training materials in my personal library
The Power of Branding
than materials from any other single business leader or trainer. I trust Brian’s guidance because I know his advice and recommendations work.

When it comes to the power of branding, Brian says, “Your company’s brand or even your own personal brand are what separates you from your competition. And it’s what will get your customers to buy from you over and over again.”

What is it about branding that encourages and motivates customers to buy? Brian shares the truth of the matter:

“Customers don’t buy products, they buy perceptions and reputations. They buy certainty. They buy trust and like-ability,” he explains.

One of the resources I have is Brian’s short audio program titled “The Power of Branding.” In this program, he tells you how to stand out from your competitors and how to sell more at higher prices and dominate your market.

He draws on personal experience to demonstrate his authority on the topic and to help illustrate his points.

“In my life, I’ve been at the bottom of the totem pole,” recalls Brian. “I’ve gone from having the worst sales in the company to being the CEO and I was able to get there because of my actions and my reputation for excellence.”

He relates the story of how, early in his sales career, it was pointed out to him how poorly he dressed. With a little guidance, he learned how to dress for success and it made an extraordinary difference. “I found I could walk into a meeting and people treated me totally differently.”

As a result, Brian began to study the power of branding and he now defines a brand in this way:

“A brand is basically a promise. It’s a promise you make to the person you are trying to influence. But it’s not only that. It’s the promise you keep and it is the promise you are known for keeping.”

He goes on to explain that the greatest asset a company has is how it is known to other people; how it is known in the marketplace.

“In other words,” says Brian, “your reputation, your brand – the words that you are known by – is the most valuable thing you have.”

Human beings, he says, decide emotionally, then justify logically. “We look at a person who is well dressed and instantly assume that this person is intelligent as well. And if they are intelligent, then they are obviously competent. And if they are intelligent and competent, then they are a good person to do business with.”

He has observed that if you have a good reputation or image, people are willing to pay more for your products or services and they argue less about the cost.

“If your brand is strong enough, people will buy from you without even asking for the price,” notes Brian. “If your reputation is poor, people will challenge you, question your integrity, question the quality of what you do; they’ll fight with you over your prices, and so on.”

Later in the program, Brian explains that a brand always begins with your values, the ones you hold most dear. He lists several key values, including quality, excellence, caring for people, quality customer service, responsiveness, teamwork, innovation and others.

And he highlights the starting point of the process.

“The starting point of building a tremendous personal brand is to start with the principle of integrity. Integrity means that you are absolutely honest with yourself and with everyone in your life. Always tell the truth; always do what you say you will do.”

I have only highlighted a few points from Brian’s audio program. The rest of the program offers more ideas, examples and practical recommendations to help you focus on effectively building your brand.

If you see the value in properly branding yourself, this program will help you to determine the attributes you will be known for, and will show you how to stand out from your competitors and position yourself as the best choice among them.

The Internet has opened up online marketing to the masses. In other words, the competition is stiffer now than ever before. To keep from falling behind and to succeed in a big way, you need an advantage. Personal branding is that advantage and Brian Tracy’s The Power of Branding is the resource that will show you how to take complete control over your future in your marketplace starting today. I recommend it.

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The Power of Branding

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