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Just going through some notes and came across these tips for successful home based business websites. Thought I would share them with my readers and visitors! Maybe something will trigger an idea or some inspiration for you.

I consider myself to be a student of Internet Marketing and I’m always looking for ways to improve my marketing skills and my websites. It’s my belief that we should always be working on improving and growing.

Here goes – a few thoughts that come to mind regarding website design and presentation. …

1. The first tip is to a have a clear idea what your website is all about and then build both the site design and your marketing plan around it.

Determine what your marketing theme or niche is and then make that very clear and apparent on your site. If possible, build it into your domain name and the title tags of your site. Make that theme the focus of your keywords and keyword phrases both in the content of your site and in the off-site promoting that you do. Clarity is the foundation of every successful home based business website.

2. Be upfront regarding the prices of your products and services. Don’t hide that information or make your visitors search for it; that only frustrates them. The thing is, if you are offering value and you make that value apparent to your visitors, then you have no need to be sneaky about your prices. Your prospects will respect you more if you are upfront and honest.

Successful Home Based Business3. Make your site easy to navigate. Include a menu or tabs in some form that are clearly stated, and make certain that the pages they point to contain the info and topics promised. The same goes for your article and content titles. Always tie the content of an article directly in to the title. Readers do not appreciate being drawn to an article or a page with a catchy or controversial title only to discover that the content doesn’t live up to the promise.

4. Give your visitors a great user experience so they will get a positive impression of you and your site and will remember you and be encouraged to return again. Avoid making your site all advertising, promotion and hard selling. Be certain to include informative, helpful articles, blog posts and other content; recommend some beneficial resources; offer some freebies, like a report or an eBook with information related to the theme of your website; and interactive elements like surveys and videos.

The bottom line to these recommendations is to make your website attractive, appealing and professional so your visitors will know you care about them and that you appreciate the time they have taken to check out your site.

It is my hope that you will have found some value in these tips for successful home based business websites. Let me just say again that it all starts with you being very clear about your market niche and who your target audience is. Everything else should flow from there.

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