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Advertising is important because the number one problem for most Internet Marketers is getting enough traffic to their websites. Of the many ways to get traffic, advertising remains a leader. And now, you can use the adzly ad network for home business success.

Affiliate power is all about targeted traffic. Without the right kind of visitors, your dreams of online success may never be realized. The adzly network is designed to put your ads in front of the best prospects possible for whatever you are promoting in a particular ad.

The adzly advertising system is a powerful viral marketing machine. You create ads for your products, services or programs; you choose the targeted market segment that is best for each ad; you earn free ad credits by placing adzly ad widgets on your websites and pages; you introduce this free advertising system to other Internet Marketers; and when they place the ad widgets on their sites and pages, they earn free ad credits and YOU earn free ad credits! …

The more free ad credits you earn, the more often your ads will be displayed in widgets all across the adzly ad network and the more often your ads are shown, the more targeted traffic will be sent to your website. When you think about it, this system can be truly powerful.

Here is why adzly is so powerful:

1) First, free targeted advertisingyou choose adzly ad widgets in styles suitable to the sites and pages where you want to place the widgets and you place them everywhere you can. When a new visitor opens one of your sites that has a widget, you earn ad credits.

2) Next, you tell others about this free viral advertising network and when they place the widgets on their sites and pages, and when those sites get opened, they earn ad credits and YOU earn ad credits.

3) And it doesn’t stop there. The people you refer to adzly will in turn refer others, and when the widgets of those “others” get loaded, they earn ad credits and YOU earn ad credits! Do you see how amazing this can be?

One of the things I like best about the adzly advertising network is the fact that it will display my ads to targeted prospects around the world, most of whom I would never be able to reach on my own.

There are thousands of adzly affiliates who I have never heard of and may never know about, but who have widgets on their sites and are showing MY ads to their visitors and prospects. As a result, marketers I don’t know are sending targeted traffic my way without any cost or effort on my part. I think that is awesome!

That is how I use the adzly ad network for home business success, and that’s how YOU can, too. And why not? It’s free to join. You can have your ads up and running across the network just minutes from now. Check it out!

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