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There is a starting point for everything. First, we dream. Then we nurture the spark of desire for achievement in some area of our life into something more defined, and we take action.

The same process is true for wealth creation. First, we dream of home business income. Then we fan the flames of desire into something more action oriented. We identify the steps that must be taken to move us from concept to realization, and we begin following those steps.

Ultimately, wealth creation begins with personal development.

In one of his most popular personal development training programs, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement, Brian Tracy devotes a whole session to the Laws of Wealth Creation. He provides insightful detail and inspiration on topics ranging from creative emulation to the laws of desire, purpose, entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, courage, risk, undue optimism, persistence and more.

Let’s take a brief look at the basic ideas behind a few of these universal laws:

Law of Creative Emulation: If you truly want to achieve above average wealth, Brian says all you have to do is “study and emulate those who have achieved it before you.”
You do not need to re-invent the wheel. “Ask for their advice too!” he advises.

Law of Desire: This law states that if you want to achieve wealth, you need to have strong motivation: “You must want it badly,” says Brian. “If you do, nothing can stop you.”

Law of Purpose: Every motivational book, course or program emphasizes the importance of definiteness of purpose. Brian points to this as the starting point of all wealth. “You must define what you want and the steps you will take to get it,” he explains.

Law of Enrichment: This is the law that I personally believe far too many aspiring entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers overlook. Brian says that all lasting wealth comes from enriching others in some way. “The more value you can produce,” he says, “the more you will be able to retain.”

Law of Entrepreneurship: This is what I consider to be the most universal law of success to be recognized and adopted by most online and home business marketers. Brian’s program explains that “the surest road to wealth is to start and build a successful business of your own – and deliver products or services at least 10% better than the norm.”

These substantially abbreviated versions of the first five Laws of Wealth Creation in Brian Tracy’s The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement program are explained in much more detail in the actual program.

In my next Affiliate Power post I will feature the remaining five Laws of Wealth Creation as we further examine the topic of how wealth creation begins with personal development.

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