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What is a Squeeze Page? I did not fully understand what it was or what the purpose of it was when I was first starting up my home based Internet business. With my limited understanding, I couldn’t see the point of it.

Everybody around me at that time was promoting the use of squeeze pages, but I just could not understand why you would send someone to a page like that when what you really wanted them to do was visit your main website.

However, as with most learning episodes, I began to understand the purpose and value of such pages and even began to use them for my own Internet Marketing purposes! Here is a quick primer on the topic, just in case you didn’t already know the answer. …

A Squeeze Page, also known as a lead capture page, serves the sole purpose of encouraging the visitor to sign up for or opt in to your mailing list. You can have different squeeze pages for different email lists you may be building.

The whole focus of a squeeze page is simply to get the person to give you their email address. It is not a sales page. You might include information to help coax their email out of them, but that should be the only purpose of the info.

Here are some things you should include on your squeeze page:

What is a Squeeze Page1. A Strong Headline: Most marketers draft a headline that either piques the curiosity of the visitor, or instills fear of some sort, or asks a question that gets them thinking. You will typically try to entice the visitor with some sort of freebie or free offer. This can be the focus of your headline.

2. Bullet Points: The information you provide should be brief and concise. It should be designed to further entice or encourage the visitor to sign up or opt in. Bullet points help to keep your comments short and to the point. They also focus the visitors attention on the key elements of your free offer: either what the visitor will gain by signing up, or what they may stand to lose if they don’t sign up.

3. A Video: Video is optional, but today many people appreciate this method of getting information. If the video is produced well, it can be a highly effective way of getting conversions. If you use video, it is recommended to still post textual bullet points as these will help to reinforce the message in the video.

Here are a couple of things you DO NOT want to include on your squeeze page:

1. Ads! Remember, the primary purpose is to get them to sign up or opt in. Do not risk distracting them with other options.

2. Any kind of Sales Pitch! Do not try to sell them on signing up. Rather, give them compelling reasons why it is to their advantage or best interests to sign up. Just stick to the facts and keep the promotional tone to a minimum.

Your squeeze pages might be part of your website, or they might be completely independent from your site. You can promote your squeeze pages using the same methods you promote your website or any other kind of offer or product or service you sell.

The reason you may promote your squeeze page over your website is because once they sign up for your mailing list, you have captured them as permanent prospects. On the other hand, if they visit your website without opting in to your mailing list, you may never see them again and may never know who they are.

A mailing list is vital to your home based Internet business. It becomes your weekly prospect list, and the great thing is that they all chose to willingly opt in, making them prime prospects! So, what is a Squeeze page? It is your ticket to online success!

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