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There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy working at home, but here is one big reason why I truly appreciate my home based online business: It allows me the freedom to “deal with life” when the unexpected happens.

Like many entrepreneurs who work from home, I have certain income goals that I am working towards. And I have a dream of getting this business running on auto-pilot to some degree to allow me even greater time freedom than I now enjoy.

But every once in a while “life” gets in the way and disturbs my daily and weekly schedule – and I am a person who likes to keep things on schedule. Compared to the trials many people face, the experience I am about to relate is more of an inconvenience than anything serious, but never-the-less, it was seriously stressful for me and my spouse. …

We live on an acreage within town limits and at present we still have a water well and pump system. We hope to hook up to town water soon, but for the time being, we are making do.

Home Based Online BusinessLast Saturday morning we woke up to discover that our water system wasn’t working! When you are used to having running water in the house, it is quite an emotional shock when you turn the tap and nothing comes out! What to do? Why do these things always seem to happen on the weekend?

We left a message for our plumber who was away for the weekend, as it turned out. He came on Tuesday, but was unsuccessful in identifying the problem. He suggested a possible fix and I went out and bought a part for $75 plus tax. Didn’t fix the problem.

Called a water well specialist who sent his crew out Wednesday. They tested several things, replaced a few parts, and still no success. Then they checked the water line and it turned out the water in the pipe was frozen because the heating element designed to prevent that had quit working! That was the last thing that I expected it to be.

So, we got the line thawed and the water running, but I didn’t have time to properly insulate the line for the night, so we turned the system off and drained the water out of the line. I would get everything set up properly on Thursday and then reactivate the system.

After insulating the water line Thursday, my spouse and I turned the system on expecting to experience the wonderful miracle of running water in the house again … only to be disappointed when the water didn’t flow! My guess is that there was still some water in the line and it froze again over night. Home Based Online BusinessFortunately, after about 10 minutes, it broke loose and the system was fully functional once again.

Oh, the joy of washing dishes with tap water instead of boiling it on the stove … not to mention the thrill of taking a shower!

Okay. What does this have to do with my home based online business?

Well, throughout this worrying water ordeal, thanks to the freedom I have to work at home, I was able to make phone calls to (and wait for calls from!) service people, and be here when they arrived. I didn’t have to “miss work” because my work is right here.

I didn’t have to worry what the boss would say when I was spending time on the phone; I didn’t have to beg for time off from work; I didn’t have to wait for the evening or the weekend to do my part of the repairs; and I was able to jump on my computer in between times and get a little Internet Marketing work done because my office is right here, just steps away from the room where our water system is.

That is one huge reason why I really appreciate my home based online business. As stressful as this situation of life has been over the past week, when I used to work at a day job, it was so much more stressful trying to deal with issues like these without interfering with my job and upsetting the boss! When you work at home, you have greater time freedom and the flexibility to deal with life’s little challenges as they come up.

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