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Online forums were the predecessors to today’s popular Social Networking sites and while forums may not offer the full range of features found on the “new” social sites, forum posting can still be very rewarding.

In fact, if you approach business and marketing forums the right way, they can be highly beneficial to your home business and Internet Marketing activity. Today, I am going to tell you about the Entrepreneur Forums, a friendly entrepreneur community, where your participation can be doubly rewarding.

The Entrepreneur Forums can be found on the site and any registered forum member (it’s free) who posts comments in any of the discussion threads automatically gets entered into Evan’s Triple Crown Contest (TCC). …

You can read more about the TCC in my two previous posts telling you how to Promote Your Business With This Cool Contest, and how you can Submit an Article to Launch Your Triple Crown Run.

Forum PostingForum Posting is one of the three categories in the TCC, which include Approved Articles, Forum Posts and Referred Articles. You can win in any of the categories or all of the categories, depending on how much you participate and contribute to each.

Regular updates listing the current leaders are posted in a dedicated section of the Entrepreneur Forums. Prizes are awarded quarterly.

Now, let’s get back to the benefits of participating and posting in popular online forums.

The primary benefit and one of the main purposes for joining a forum is for the information provided by other members. Forums typically attract members from a broad cross section of interests, backgrounds and levels of expertise. A wealth of information, insight and inspiration is available and the discussion format encourages some great interaction between members.

Another top reason and benefit for becoming a forum member is to network with like-minded marketers and with potential customers. A smart marketer joins a wide variety of social sites because each one can put them in contact with people that they might never have the opportunity to meet otherwise.

A third reason for joining a business or marketing forum is to demonstrate your expertise in a particular field of business or marketing niche. If you provide answers and solutions to problems other members are having, you just might get some additional traffic to your own website and you may pick up a few new customers or clients.

When I say that forum posting can be doubly rewarding in the Entrepreneur Forums, it is because first, you get all the benefits of participating in a popular business-focused friendly forum community, and second, if you are active in posting quality comments, you could win some great prizes in the Forum Posts category of the Triple Crown Contest.

For more information, read my previous posts about the TCC, and please watch for my next post in this series where I will talk about the “Referred Articles” category of the contest.

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