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This will be a basic link building guide, and I do mean basic. Just a little insight into the purpose and value of having an ongoing campaign for building links back to your website and the bare fundamentals of what to do.

Backlinks are links you get on other websites that point back to the home page of your website, or to other pages on your site. Not only can these links bring you additional traffic, but they can also help to improve your standing in the search engines.

Search engine traffic is valuable because it is generally highly targeted, meaning that the visitors you get from the search engines typically know exactly what they want, and thanks to the search engine results, they believe you’ve got it! …

The first thing we will address in this basic link building guide is the importance of getting links that are relevant to your website. Gone are the ‘Good Old Days’ when any link would do and the more, the merrier.

Today, your page rank will be influenced by how similar your site is to the sites you link to. The more alike they are in marketing theme or niche, the better chance you have of ranking well.

Link Building GuideNext is the quality of the site your backlink is coming from. Aim for links from high ranking websites, for example, sites very similar to yours that are sitting on the first page of the search engine results for your keywords. It could be challenging to get links from high ranking sites, but if you are persistent, you will be able to establish a few very good links and your site will be rewarded accordingly.

The final recommendation for today has to do with quantity. More links are always better than fewer links, as long as their relevance and quality are reasonable. Get in the habit of always be working at building more backlinks.

If you check, you will find that the sites at the top of the search results typically have far more backlinks than their lower-placed competitors. If you hope to compete, you need an ongoing link-building program that continually adds new backlinks every week.

That’s it for this basic link building guide: you need relevant links, quality links, and plenty of links! That is one of the key ways to improve your page rank and your positioning in the search engines.

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