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Friends, readers, entrepreneurs … lend me your ears … um, I mean, your eyes! I have something wonderful to share with you and I have a recommendation, if you are interested in the benefits of a Friendly Entrepreneur Community where you can exchange ideas, insight and marketing information.

First, the recommendation.

Some of you know that I am active in a few online business and marketing forums and that I am a big promoter of the informational and networking value of these forums. You may also have noticed that since my Affiliate Power website was launched earlier this year, I have shown enthusiastic support here for one particular forum site – the Entrepreneur Forums at

If you spend a few minutes visiting the Entrepreneur Forums, you will find that it truly is a Friendly Entrepreneur Community. And what does that mean?

Well, I can tell you from experience that every forum site online has its own personality. Some are extremely formal. Some are extremely relaxed, where anything goes. Some are geared mostly to “experienced” marketers and seem to show little tolerance and sensitivity to the inexperience of “newbies” – those new to business and marketing.

The Entrepreneur Forums combines the best of all worlds … it maintains a close focus on topics relating to business, marketing and entrepreneurial activity, while keeping the discussion friendly, informal and inviting to all. The emphasis is more typically on informing, inspiring and encouraging others than on demonstrating one’s own superiority.

Friendly Entrepreneur CommunityVery simply, we in the Entrepreneur Forums are birds of a feather focused on learning and applying best practices in all forms of entrepreneurship. Everybody from all levels of experience and ability is welcome, and as long as they follow proper and respectful forum etiquette, their participation and contribution is encouraged and appreciated.

Join us. Bring your experience and insight.

That was the recommendation; now for something a little more personal.

I’ve been a member of the Entrepreneur Forums for almost two years and I’ve always tried to be a steady, contributing member. My efforts were recognized early and I was invited by site owner, Evan Carmichael, to join the team of forum moderators shortly after becoming a member.

More recently, Evan invited me to take on an advanced role in the Entrepreneur Forums and exactly one week ago, he officially welcomed me as the new Forum Administrator!

It is an honour, not only because of the integrity and community responsibility that Evan personally demonstrates, and the good team of forum moderators I’ll be working with, but because of the value that Evan’s overall site brings to the entrepreneur community: check out the home page of and you will immediately see why the site is the Internet’s #1 resource for small business motivation and strategies!

As the forum administrator, it will be my aim to help keep the Entrepreneur Forums a friendly, supportive and beneficial place for entrepreneurs to gather, and to do whatever I can to encourage more birds of the entrepreneurial feather to join us.

In that light, please accept this as my invitation to you to come, check out the Entrepreneur Forums, consider becoming a member (it’s free), and find out for yourself exactly why this awesome forum is respected as A Friendly Entrepreneur Community!

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Friendly Entrepreneur Community

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