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Most Internet users make use of online search tools in one form or another and when thinking about search engine history, Google is often the first resource that comes to mind and is probably the most recognized of all search engines.

Personally, I was slow to begin using Google when I first started spending time online, but now I use Google’s search engine and other resources on a daily basis. I suspect many other consumers and marketers do the same.

The popularity of Google went viral not long after the service was launched in 1998. I think that was partly because of the timeliness and effectiveness of the service and partly as the result of smart marketing. Since that time, Google has become a multi-national, publicly traded company with a vast array of related services. …

Recently, when looking for an SEO-related resource to share with my readers, I happened across the eBook, Google Traffic Tips, Tactics and Strategies that provides some very good history and insight about Google as well as numerous chapters of tips and tactics for making the best use of Google for Internet Marketing purposes.

I am not hiding the fact that I am promoting and selling the eBook, but that is not the only reason for writing about it here. After reviewing this resource I can see how it will have great interest and value to online marketers and entrepreneurs. My aim in this post is to provide a little Google search engine history for your benefit.

Search Engine HistoryGoogle began in 1995 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, college students at the time, met at the University of Stanford and collaborated on a project that would eventually become the Google search engine.

Initially, the project did not attract serious attention from investors. Committed to their vision, Page and Brin pulled together enough financing to start a company and in 1998, they began operating from an office in a garage in the Menlo Park area of California. And get this: in the same year – 1998 – PC Magazine placed Google in its Top 100 Internet sites and search engines for the year!

The name, ‘Google’, was chosen because of its similarity to the term ‘googol’ – a large number made up of the number ‘one’ followed by one hundred zeroes. Googol refers to the vast quantity of information on the planet, a good representation of Google’s mission: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

The company is certainly achieving this mission!

Search engines allow you to collect incredible amounts of relevant data from the Internet fast, scouring the Web for information that is related to the search terms you enter. As Google and other search engines evolve, they offer more tools and resources to help improve the search experience.

Additionally, search engine marketing has developed into a huge field that has contributed to, and in many cases been responsible for the success of many businesses, social groups, political parties and interests, and other significant areas of society.

This has been just a little Google search engine history. In upcoming posts I will highlight other tidbits of history, search engine insight and SEO marketing tips from the eBook, Google Traffic Tips, Tactics and Strategies.

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Search Engine History

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