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This Affiliate Power Group Review will tell you why it is worth paying for membership in this Internet Marketing mentorship group rather than chasing your tail all over the Internet looking for free advice and marketing resources.

The Affiliate Power Group was introduced by experienced online marketer Ken Troyer. Ken could see a clear need for a private Affiliate Marketing mastermind group that would offer expert coaching, comprehensive training, effective marketing resources and immediately available support and encouragement for members.

After surveying several other marketing leaders as well as numerous active and aspiring Internet home business marketers, Ken realized that a mentorship group such as he was proposing would be well-received. He put together a brainstorming team of qualified mentors and they created what was to become the Affiliate Power Group (APG). …

The success and popularity of the APG comes as the result of satisfied members who recognize the value of the resources and training provided and who, after going through the training and applying what they have learned, have experienced improved results and increased benefits in their online businesses.

The first thing most people want to know about a product or service is how much it is going to cost. In typical marketing, the sales copy tries to hide the cost until the end, but since this is an Affiliate Power Group Review, I will tell you the cost upfront, before I get into some of the positives and negatives of the service.

Affiliate Power Group ReviewThere is a 10-day trial option for $1.00, followed by a monthly payment option ($39.95); a quarterly payment option ($109.95); and a yearly payment option ($297.00). The yearly option is obviously the most economical. Membership can easily be cancelled at anytime with any of the payment options.

A Few Positives

Once you are a member of the APG, you have immediate 24-hour access to the membership site, including the Coaching Forum (where mentors and members meet for discussion, guidance, support, etc.), the 12 Week Traffic Plan, the Learning Center, Webmaster Tools, Member Resource Downloads, Member Bonuses and a variety of other resources and training modules.

The Downloads section is a treasure trove unto itself, featuring numerous pages of reports, articles, eBooks and other resources, many that can be used as PLR (private label rights) material, or that can be sold or given away to your prospects as incentives.

The mentors, including Ken Troyer, Suzanne Morrison, Cynthia Minnaar and Jeffery Ash, are available and accessible, allowing for their time zones of course, as they live in various countries. They are knowledgeable, friendly, sympathetic, patient and helpful as they interact with members on a daily basis in the Coaching Forum.

The APG also sponsors friendly competitions a few times a year designed to motivate members to learn and practice effective marketing skills. The prizes are good, but the real benefit is in applying the skills to improve one’s business and develop good marketing habits.

A Few Negatives

The membership cost may be considered a negative by some, especially those who are new to Internet Marketing and do not yet have steady monthly income rolling in. But that just highlights one of the main purposes and benefits of the APG: helping serious marketers learn to do the right things to put them into a profit position as quickly as possible.

Another possible negative might be that the APG serves its purpose too well. Although the APG is certainly designed to provide a member with all the training and resources necessary to build a successful Internet business, many new members become overwhelmed and even frustrated with the sheer weight of all that must be learned to properly run a home based online business.

I think part of the problem is all the hype that people have been fed all over the Internet about how easy it is to make money online, and then they join the APG with pre-conceived notions that Internet Marketing will be easy. Then they discover that in fact, it is a huge learning curve and even once the lessons and techniques are learned, it is an ongoing responsibility to keep doing the things necessary to drive traffic to their website in order to keep building their business.

My Recommendation

Having been an active member of the APG since its inception, I can honestly say that it has benefited me in the form of increased online marketing skills, improved traffic to my websites and increased sales. I have gained knowledge and learned skills that I am certain I would not have otherwise learned had I not been an active member of this group.

If a marketer is serious about building their business and increasing their online income, I would think that they would see the benefit of investing in membership in the APG, at least for a period of one year to test the value of the mentorship, the resources and the support.

If you gain nothing else from this Affiliate Power Group review, I hope you will feel encouraged and motivated to take advantage of the 10-Day $1.00 trial offer, if for no other reason than to get an inside look at the APG for yourself.

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Affiliate Power Group Review

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