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How cool is this? I received a parcel pick-up card in the mail the other day and stepped up to the counter to find out what it was. Turns out it was an unexpected benefit, the result of my recent article marketing efforts.

It was a gift from Christopher Knight, CEO of Perhaps you have received it, too? It seems that thanks to my recent submissions to the EzineArticles article directory, I am now a Platinum Level Expert Author!

To acknowledge the achievement, Christopher sent me a gift – I think that is very cool! Actually it was a package of gifts, and while the monetary value of the gifts was minimal, the thought behind it is what counts the most to me, and I appreciate it so much that I decided to write this blog post to acknowledge Christopher and EzineArticles in return. …

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer: the gifts included a high quality official EzineArticles Expert Author mouse pad, an imprinted pen, imprinted notepad paper and a nice little EzineArticles sticker.

Like I said, the monetary value isn’t high, but it’s the thought that counts. And it counts a lot to me, being acknowledged in this simple way.

But here’s something else about it. I use a wireless optical mouse with my notebook computer and over the past several months, the surface that I use the mouse on has been giving me grief! The mouse itself works great, but for some reason, it has developed a problem on the surface I use.

I’ve been grumbling about it for a couple of months, but do you think I can remember to shop for a proper mouse pad when I’m downtown? No.

Then lo and behold, a couple of days ago a mouse pad arrives in the mail! Again I say, cool.
GT Bulmer|Article MarketingI had no idea that Christopher acknowledges his dedicated contributors in this way.

Of course, as great as the mouse pad and the other gifts are, their purpose is to acknowledge my achievement, and my achievement serves as evidence that I am managing my Internet home business well. Article marketing is a vital part of online marketing, and is a leader in bringing writers, publishers and readers together.

As the industry of online marketing continues to evolve, CEO Christopher Knight has done an awesome job of making sure keeps pace and provides an authoritative platform for authors, publishers and marketers to work together to develop their respective business interests.

My article marketing efforts may have produced the unexpected benefit of a much appreciate mouse pad, but the real benefits will come from the articles I have submitted to and the connections those articles will help me make. Thanks, Chris, for everything you are doing to help and encourage me and all of my fellow authors!

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