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Article marketing sites can draw targeted traffic because content is still King in article directories. If you have a clear picture of who your prime prospects are and what they are looking for, you can reach out to them through directories.

Article directories exist for two main reasons. First, as a convenient repository of information for those seeking it; second, as a handy place for writers and marketers to post material that they believe will be of interest or benefit to others.

Of course, Internet Marketers quickly figured out that if they demonstrate their knowledge and expertise by posting quality articles filled with helpful insight and advice, prospects who read their articles just might be motivated to also visit their websites. And if they visit their website, they just might be motivated to buy something! . . .

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of drawing targeted traffic from article marketing sites.

The first step is centering each article you write around a specific keyword carefully chosen for the particular article. Consider who your prime prospect is. Think about the keywords they might use to search for the kind of information they are seeking. If you choose a suitable keyword and keep your article tightly focused on the theme of that keyword, the readers you attract will be keenly attentive to what you have to say in the article.

Next, be sure to include your keyword or keyword phrase in the title. This immediately tells the info seeker what the article is about and assures them that it will be of interest to them. It also helps the article to rank better in the search results.

The content of the article should be informative and helpful. Wherever possible, provide solutions or examples or recommendations so the reader knows how best to use the information provided. The better the quality of the article, the more respect the prospect will have for you as a dependable source of information.

Article Marketing SiteIt is also a good idea to keep your articles short. Something in the range of about 300 to 400 words is good, although some article directories do require more.

Where possible, you should include a call to action in the article, for example, directing the reader to click the link in your author resource box for more information on the topic.

Each article directory has its own rules, but where possible, use your author resource box to promote a link on your website where more information relating to the article, or a related product, can be found. Remember, the person reading the article already has a qualified interest in the topic. Sending them to a related link is a natural next step for them.

If you work on writing and submitting good quality articles regularly, you will soon find that article marketing sites can indeed draw targeted traffic. Check out the article directory on the site where you can submit articles free. Why wait? Submit an article today!

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