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Self-improvement means many things to many people, but you have to go beyond the benefits of positive thinking if you want to experience true progress. Success and achievement means rising above the average way of thinking.

A lot of people get wrapped up in the negative influences that just seem to ebb and flow around each of us throughout our daily lives. It might happen at home, at work or in the various social and community groups that we support and participate in.

Wherever it happens, we have a responsibility to our own well-being to do what we can to break free from negative thinking and allow only positive, constructive thoughts and attitudes to guide our actions and responses. …

Leaders in the field of personal development, like Brian Tracy and Earl Nightingale, have always encouraged us to focus on the positive in order to achieve the many benefits of positive thinking. Nightingale often said “We become what we think about,” and Tracy extends the thought by saying, “We become what we think about most of the time.”

Thoughts have more power to influence our actions than most people realize. When we focus on the negative, negative things often happen. When we focus on the positive, positive things often happen. Benefits of Positive ThinkingTherefore, it is vitally important, and obviously much more productive, to focus our thoughts and energies on what we want, as opposed to what we do not want in our lives.

Nightingale talked about how people who were economically poor and who stayed that way seemed to focus on their depressed circumstances and worried about losing what little they still had. People in the same circumstances who focused instead on achieving greater prosperity and a better lifestyle managed to find ways to rise above and beyond their economically depressed state.

Tracy talks about using our imagination to envision the better circumstances we want. He says to imagine we have ideal health, ideal relationships, ideal business and marketing skills, ideal income. When we feed those ideals into our mind and focus on them, our super conscious mind goes to work to direct our thoughts and actions to help bring them into reality.

However, even though we can control and direct our thoughts, if we hope to move beyond the benefits of positive thinking, we must also learn how to manage or control the negative influences that surround us. Read Part Two of this post where I highlight a couple of trouble areas and how to deal with them.

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