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My previous post on going Beyond the Benefits of Positive Thinking explained that to be truly successful, not only do we have to think positive, but we must also learn to control or manage the negative input that is constantly bombarding us.

Staying calm, composed and positive can be quite challenging when people in our lives inflict their negative attitudes on us, whether it is done deliberately or inadvertently.

The workplace is one example where the potential exists for unhappy people to try to draw us into their negativism. News media is another trouble spot that can potentially drag us down. Acknowledging these danger areas is the first step in managing and reducing their affect on us. …

In the environments of work, Internet Marketing, or professional activity, stay away from negative people as much as you can. When you can’t avoid them, do not get drawn into any bad habits of attitude or action they might be guilty of. People to avoid, whether at work, in business or elsewhere, might be recognized as complainers, controllers, gossipers, whiners, sluffers and backstabbers; do not be like them.

Rise above irresponsible behaviour and set a good, positive example in all that you think, do and say. If you feel that your hard work and dedication is going unnoticed or unappreciated, do not become Benefits of Positive Thinkingdiscouraged or negative about it. This is a great opportunity to go beyond the benefits of positive thinking. Look only at the bright side: feel good about yourself, that you are giving it your best effort and that you are building strong personal habits that will eventually serve to advance your career or your profession.

The news media is another source of negative influence that must be kept in constant check. Yes, there is a lot of doom and gloom in the world. If there is something you can do to help provide some relief for someone, then it is great if you can make a contribution. But don’t let the weight of the world drag you down. Do what you can to help, but also give due focus to the positives that abound.

There truly is a lot of beauty in the world. Learn to recognize and embrace it and you will be happier and more productive. Make this a part of your ongoing program of personal development.

Average people get caught up by or drawn into many of the negatives that they are exposed to on a daily basis, whether at home, at work or out in the world. Achievers learn to rise above these unhealthy habits of negative thinking.

Those who desire above average success and achievement must make a conscious effort to go beyond the benefits of positive thinking. In addition to thinking positive, they must guard against negativism in any of its forms. When it cannot be avoided, negative input must be managed in a purposeful and productive way, and that means never, ever letting it get you down.

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