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If you want to draw attention and succeed with your online business you need to show leadership and one good way to do this is to brand yourself with this online marketing forum: the Entrepreneur Forums on the site.

Anybody can be a member of the forum and benefit from the experience, but I am talking about taking it to the next level, as a Forum Moderator. As a moderator, you would have a few extra responsibilities and you will receive greater exposure.

You can use this exposure to brand yourself as an expert, and your business as a preferred source for the products and services you sell. …

I am the administrator for the Entrepreneur Forums and have been a member of this excellent online marketing forum for more than three years. I have been administrator for close to two years.

We have a great team of moderators, including Trent Brownrigg, David Hurley, Michelle Jayes, Yinka Taiwo and Mal Tindle. The moderators help keep watch on the forum to make sure no spammers or inappropriate posts stay there for long. Moderators are asked to visit the forums regularly and to contribute a certain number of posts each month to help keep the forums actice.

Online Marketing Forum

Before you are invited to join the moderator team you will have to show that you are a steady member who contributes in a positive, helpful way to the discussions. Simply visit the forums a few times a week (every day, if you can) and post comments, opinions and questions. Do not spam the forums with your own products, services or home business opportunities: only post comments that are helpful, informative, insightful and on topic.

A big part of branding yourself using a marketing forum like ours is simply being social. Show your personal side and let other members get to know you better as you get to know them. Your aim should be to develop a relationship of trust.

Rather than trying to promote your products and services, you should use the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in your niche, your expertise in your field of marketing. If you respect the rules of the forum and refrain from being self-promotional, other members will respect you in return and will look to you as a potential source for the products you sell.

Anybody can be a member of a social community like our forum, but those who show leadership and a willingness to take their participation and contribution to a higher level attract more attention, more respect and more opportunities to send targeted traffic to their own website.

Join us as a member of the Entrepreneur Forums and bring your experience and expertise. If you demonstrate your value as a steady contributor, you just might be offered the opportunity to join the moderator team and brand yourself as a leader with this excellent online marketing forum!

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