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There are many things an active Internet Marketer must do to improve their business. Experienced entrepreneurs agree that building backlinks to get free website traffic is among the most important.

Google is one of the leading search engines online. Identifying which websites link to yours is one of the key ways that Google measures the relevancy of your site. Through this process, Google evaluates your website and connects it with a specific niche market.

When you think about it, backlinks are like votes and the more votes your website gets, the higher ranking it will receive in the search engines, especially when those votes are from high quality sites. …

In addition to determining the relevancy of a site by the number of backlinks pointing to it, search engines also closely examine exactly who is linking to the site. For this reason, your goal as an effective webmaster is to build quality links from websites considered to be authority sites. Authority sites are those that are already recognized by the search engines as industry leaders and are well established in their niche.

Backlinks are vitally important to the success of your online business, but sheer numbers of backlinks is not the answer. You can have an abundance of low quality links, but this may do little to help the relevancy of your site in the search engines. I found this out with one of my earlier websites: tons of links, but a poor standing in the search engines, drawing little traffic. Always aim for quality as opposed to quantity because quality carries much more weight with the search engines.

Get Free Website TrafficLink building can be a time consuming process, but attention paid to it on an ongoing basis will pay dividends in the long run: be sure to include some link- building time in your marketing schedule on a weekly basis. It may be extra work in the beginning, but once you have a base of quality links established and your positioning in the search engines is improving, it gets easier to maintain.

When creating a backlink, wherever possible you should be certain to use anchor text. The anchor text should be the keywords for the page that the link points to. This will help the page rank for those keywords in the search engines.

There are a number of ways to get backlinks, including social bookmarking, article directories, website directories, guest blogging, forum posting, blog commenting and more. It is good to always work at getting a variety of types of backlinks because this will look normal and natural to the search engines.

Building backlinks to get free website traffic is not a one-time process. It is something that must be practiced on a regular basis and every successful Internet Marketer will work at it continually.

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