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I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to learn the true secret to success for online marketing, so today I will finally reveal it: The essence of success for an Internet business or any endeavour comes down to creating an action plan.

Sure, there are a variety of steps involved in deciding what business you will do and how to set it up, fund it, market it and so on, but the rubber simply doesn’t meet the road until your business is ready to roll and you begin taking action to move it forward.

That means marketing it and promoting it so your targeted prospects hear about it and are attracted to your website to learn more about it. Here are some specific suggestions for creating an action plan for your Internet business. …

Everybody knows that nothing in life happens until action of some sort is taken. For best results, you need to be focused, organized, dedicated and consistent. Here is a monthly outline to consider:

Creating an Action Plan1. Backlinks: Creating a natural backlink profile involves building a variety of backlinks from several different types of locations on the web. This should include other websites similar in niche to your own, plus social bookmarking, article marketing, blog commenting, directory submitting, press releases and any other acceptable and legitimate methods of link building.

Aim for at least three to five new backlinks each week.

2. Articles: Write four articles on topics related to your marketing niche. Use a different keyword phrase in each article. Include an author resource box with two links pointing to two different pages on your website. Use the keywords for those pages as the anchor text in the links.

You will use one article per week as noted below.

3. Post to Your Website: Each week, post one of the above articles to your blog. It is recommended to change the title and make a few other modifications to the article first, so it is somewhat unique before going to the next step.

4. Article Directories: Each week, submit one of the four articles to a variety of article directories, making sure to include the resource box noted earlier.

5. Blog Posts: Your visitors and the search engines thrive on new, unique content posted to your website. The more frequently you can post, the better. Blogging is a quick and easy way to add new content.

Publish at least one or two new blog posts each week without fail. Optimize each post with different keywords. Once published, announce and share the link on your favourite social networking sites. If you use a bookmarking service like OnlyWire, be sure to use it, too.

6. Product Reviews: Each month, write at least two product reviews to post on your site. Select products that you market and sell, and optimize the reviews accordingly.

7. Forum Marketing: Each week, post at least five comments of value in a few of your favourite business and marketing forums. Always include a link to your website in your forum signature.

8. Blog Commenting: Each week, post at least five comments on different blogs similar to your marketing niche.

9. Autoresponder Series: Each week, add one new letter to your follow-up series in your email autoresponder. Blog posts, product reviews and articles already published are ideal for the purpose.

This outline is inspired by and based on a similar plan found on the Affiliate Power Group membership site. Check it out! You can take it for a test run for just $1.

Creating an action plan for your Internet business is one great way to ensure your success. The plan given here is perfect for promoting and building your online business. Now you know the TRUE secret to Internet Marketing success! Plan to take ACTION today!

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Creating an Action Plan

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