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Network Marketing has advantages over traditional sales and marketing. When you build a marketing team, you can reach a wider and more diverse prospect base than you might on your own. You leverage your time and your resources.

Duplication is fundamental to Network Marketing success and creating duplication is your major challenge and primary purpose. It is your responsibility. You may have been sponsored into a particular Internet income opportunity by someone else, but your success within that opportunity rests on your shoulders.

You are the leader. You must set the example. You set the pace. You can look to your sponsor or to leaders ahead of you in the marketing plan for insight, inspiration and guidance, but you are responsible for learning the steps to success and for coaching your team members and creating duplication down through the ranks in your network. …

Duplication is definitely the key.

Direct commissions you earn from sales you make to your own customers are great, but one-time sales commissions can take a lot of your time and effort and must be generated over and over and over again.

It is much better to leverage yourself through a team of marketers. You build a team, develop a sales network, encourage duplication and set in motion the process for creating ongoing residual income.

Network Marketing leaderFirst, you study the marketing and compensation plan provided by your Network Marketing company of choice. It is important to become totally familiar with every aspect of it so you can later explain it effectively to those you try to prospect and those you successfully recruit into the business.

Second, you learn and apply the recommended methods for recruiting enthusiastic marketers with leadership potential. Duplication is fundamental, so your aim is to attract people willing to follow your lead and learn the steps to marketing success.

Third, every marketing company has specific steps to success, so you must learn and understand what these are and do them. Your sponsor, or other leaders ahead of you in the marketing plan, will know what these steps are. You will be teaching duplication, so you absolutely must do these things yourself if you expect your team members to follow your lead.

Fourth, maintain your personal focus and commitment. Take your business and your leadership responsibilities very seriously. Be the pacesetter for your team. Focus on getting good at recruiting, training and duplicating. Practice every day and plan to succeed no matter how long it takes or what obstacles may befall you. Your can-do attitude can make all the difference to your team members.

Fifth, identify your leaders and give them the attention they deserve. Contact with your team can make a big difference in individual success, thereby helping to speed up your progress.

It may take you a while to learn how your company works and how to recruit effectively. It may also take some time to find a few good leaders. Since your goal is Internet success and the residual income it will produce, it is worth the time, effort and investment it takes. Think long-term, into the future.

If you are not yet experienced or skilled as a Network Marketer and recruiter, then start small: make your goal simply to recruit one good leader each month. If you do that and you coach them to duplicate the process, then after one year you will have a team of at least 12 personally motivated leaders who are, in turn, well on their way to developing their own productive teams.

Do the math and consider the income potential of a team like that. If all you received was one dollar per each person in your network per month, that could still mean hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars of income for you each month. Do you see the residual potential in that?

Duplication is the key to Network Marketing success.

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