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Resourceful Internet home business marketers who don’t want to outsource the task will be interested in this easy banner creator software that will give their banner ads a professional look. No special design skills are needed!

Easy Banner Maker Pro, version 2, can save you hundreds of dollars on design fees and allows you to quickly and easily make banners in all popular sizes.

You can create banners for all of your marketing and promotional needs, whether on your own websites and landing pages or for ads you place on other sites. If you need ads and banners created for your affiliates or marketing partners, this software is perfect for you. …

The software gives you customizable templates and various graphic elements that you simply copy and paste to suit your needs and design interests. The quality of the banners is amazing and the price for the software is unbelievable: click here to see Easy Banner Maker samples.

Banner Creator SoftwareBanner ads of all varieties are a staple of Internet Marketing. You see them everywhere: websites, blogs, on search engines … well, virtually everywhere online!

The most professional ones have been created by designers who sometimes charge “professional” fees. Now, with this easy to use banner creator software, you can design your own high quality banner ads at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay a designer. And once you have purchased the software, it’s yours to use again and again, whenever you want.

Here’s what you get:

1. Master Ad Templates in eight popular sizes.

2. Copy and Paste Elements for inside your banner. These include assorted text, bullets and buttons, all pre-formatted with cool effects and styles. (See examples here)

3. Layer Styles (more than 180) that you can apply with just a few clicks.

Note: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements is required.

Banner Creator SoftwareSpecial Bonus: To give you a quick start, you get a selection of pre-formatted banner designs (the exact same designs as you will see on the Easy Banner Maker information page). Just add your own text and, if you want, your own images, move things around or do whatever you choose with these designs.

You will be amazed at the low cost of this banner creator software and the quality of the banners and graphics it provides. Visit the information page now to see what I mean. Save yourself hundreds of dollars in design fees; produce professional banner ads quickly and easily with Easy Banner Maker Pro, version 2.

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