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Home business opportunities just don’t get any easier than this. Making money online is all about having the right niche marketing strategy and if you’re new to the business, here is an easy way to launch a professional niche website.

The biggest roadblocks to getting started and being successful online are knowing how to set up a website, how to monetize it and how to market it. You can get all kinds of training all over the Internet, but there is still a huge, huge learning curve and a process of trial and error you will likely have to go through.

What if there was a service that gave you a niche website, already built, already loaded with niche-related products and already set up with pages of related content? This blog post will tell you about such a service. You just have to choose a niche and start marketing it. …

So, what niche might you interested in? There are currently 11 individual niche markets you can choose from:
Niche Marketing Strategy
~ Fitness
~ Healthy Choices
~ Self Improvement
~ Digital Photography
~ Social Media Marketing
~ Time Management
~ Wedding Planning
~ Healthy Pregnancy
~ Parenting
~ Anxiety
~ Travel

Each one of these is custom designed with eye-catching graphics and easy navigation for your visitors. After all, that’s all part of an effective niche marketing strategy!

Here is what is included with each of these niche sites:

~ Premium WordPress theme
~ 3-5 Clickbank Products promoted in the sidebar and above blog posts
~ High Quality PLR eBook to sell or use as a list building giveaway
~ Populated with 10-15 high quality blog posts
~ Detailed user guide and customization guides
~ Integrated eBay or Amazon Store (just insert your affiliate ID)
~ All Source Files included (PSDs, Word documents)
~ Extra Bonus items such as PLR articles or an additional eBook for your niche
~ Easy to add Google Adsense or other ads in the theme control panel

Once you choose your niche and your site is installed and ready to go, all you have to do is start marketing and promoting it. Don’t worry; you will be given access to a handy guide that will show you numerous ways to get free website traffic.

I know you are wondering what these sites cost. The answer is just $97, including installation services.

But there is a way you can get them at a 35% discount (That’s less than $70, everything included!)

Members of the “My Affiliate Power Site” (MAPS) service who upgrade from free status to Gold status can purchase their niche websites at the discounted price.

Here is what I recommend:

1) Sign up for the free MAPS service.
2) Once signed up and logged in, click the link for “Done For You Websites.”
3) Check out all the features of the niche sites and look at a few sample sites.
4) If you want to purchase one (or more), before you do, click the MAPS upgrade link to review the benefits of upgrading to Gold membership.
5) If you like the benefits, upgrade to Gold.
6) Whether you upgrade in MAPS or not, go back to the niche sites and order yours.

You will be guided through the rest of the process.

These niche websites look great, but the best thing about them is that they immediately put you into your own niche marketing business. That’s the easiest way to start marketing online that I know of. Check them out today and give your niche marketing strategy a serious boost.

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