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Email continues to be a leading method of communication for many people, so it stands to reason that active Internet Marketers should use email newsletter marketing to help generate more free website traffic.

This method of marketing typically involves signing up with an autoresponder system, like GetResponse or AWeber, loading it with a series of articles set to be emailed to subscribers at specific intervals, and then posting a subscriber invitation or opt-in box on every page of your website.

Visitors who subscribe or opt in get added to your email list and begin receiving the pre-loaded newsletter articles at the pre-set intervals.

There are a few reasons why using email newsletter marketing is important to your online business.

The immediate reason is that it allows you to build a list of targeted prospects to which you can send occasional special offers in addition to the newsletter series they have signed up for. There is another equally important reason for getting people on your email list. …

Statistics in the Internet industry show that the majority of visitors to a website simply do not buy anything. This is why it is so important to try to establish an ongoing relationship with your website visitors. When you get them to sign up for your newsletter, you have taken a valuable step in being able to stay in touch with them after they have left your site.

Once they are on your list, you will be able to work at building trust with them and demonstrating your value as a source of information and insight beneficial to their interests. As this relationship develops, you can include related product recommendations in your newsletter emails.

While a niche-focused newsletter is a great way to direct repeat traffic back to your site and to make additional sales, you must be careful not to make your newsletter articles or the mailings too promotional.

Email Newsletter MarketingThe focus of each newsletter should be to inform and enlighten the subscriber. You want them to feel good about receiving your newsletters and to look forward to the next ones. Remember, you are building a relationship of trust so that when you do make a subtle product recommendation, the reader will be more willing to click the link or visit your website for more information.

Here is something else to consider. In this day and age of social networking, if you have a subscriber who is especially happy with the value of your newsletter articles, he or she just might share them with others, or recommend your website to friends and associates.

One more suggestion: as a sign-up incentive, it helps to offer visitors something free, such as a free report or eBook. Whatever you use to entice subscribers, make sure it relates to the theme of your website or market niche. Don’t confuse your potential subscribers with unrelated products or topics; always keep them focused on your niche.

Internet Marketers have a variety of tools and methods easily at their disposal and using email newsletter marketing to draw more website traffic is a technique that should not be overlooked. Use the tips given here to sharpen up your email program and if you are looking for a dependable autoresponder service, check out GetResponse.

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Email Newsletter Marketing

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