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Let me invite you to join us in the Entrepreneur Forums, a free membership site that offers support and advice to entrepreneurs and small business operators of all kinds. It is truly a friendly entrepreneur community.

Online business and marketing forums have taken a hit in recent years due to the influx of next generation Social Networking sites. Membership and activity in many online forums is down, but that doesn’t mean the forums have lost their value: quite the contrary.

When Social Media sites first became popular they were not very business-friendly. You could easily be banned from a Social site for promoting or even mentioning your home business opportunities.

Since that time, some of the Social sites have “smartened up” and have adapted to allow entrepreneurs to market their products and services. …

Business forums, on the other hand, have always been focused on serving the interests of Internet Marketers and small business operators. These forums are designed with discussion sections and categories that allow members to share ideas and recommendations and ask business and marketing related questions.

The Entrepreneur Forums is a friendly entrepreneur community that is very good at providing an open discussion format. We have a good cross-section of members who come from a variety of backgrounds. And perhaps the quality that stands out the most is our friendliness.

I have seen other forums where the members are far more competitive and self-serving. They may be experienced and knowledgeable, but they are not quite as tolerant or sympathetic to less experienced marketers.

Entrepreneur ForumsIn the Entrepreneur Forums, we realize that we are all “students of marketing” at some level and that there are always others with less experience as well as those with more experience.

Many of us believe that the ladder of success involves grasping the hand of those above us and extending a helping hand to those below us on the ladder. By assisting and supporting each other, we grow stronger and become more successful in our own marketing efforts.

Our group of active members is currently small, but we are enthusiastic and we welcome new members who show a serious interest in participating in the forums and contributing in a constructive and supportive way.

So, again I say, come and join us in the Entrepreneur Forums. It really is a friendly entrepreneur community!

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