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Most aspiring Internet Marketers take the cautious approach to creating Internet income. They invest little capital, little effort and little time into their home business and as a result, they receive little, if any, reward.

If you want to get on the fast track to financial reward online, you are going to have to change your thinking and make an honest commitment. That will mean making a true investment in your business, taking a leadership role, and adopting a do or die attitude.

Sounds harsh, but the competition online is tougher than it ever has been before and if you expect to win, you are going to have to take some bold steps. If you think you are ready for this, then read on. …

I am going to share with you my Internet Marketing program of choice and I will tell you how MOST marketers are doing it (and failing to achieve their goals) and how a FEW leaders are doing it and setting records.

First, let’s talk about the underachievers. Saying that they are “failing” to achieve their goals may not be entirely accurate. While it is true that many put in a poor effort, then make excuses and quit, there are those who are honestly trying to learn the business and be good at it.

Financial Reward OnlineThe trouble is, their belief and their commitment level are low, so they do not truly invest in the business. This means they are on the slow track and it could take quite some time to achieve the financial rewards they are hoping for. This applies to the income opportunity I am promoting and it applies to countless other Internet Marketing programs out there.

The fast-trackers in this business see the potential, believe in their ability to achieve it and demonstrate their commitment by setting the example and investing in the business.

My opportunity is with the SFI Marketing Group. It is not a traditional networking company; it is more like a sales network with a unique compensation plan. Everybody joins free and there are never any purchase requirements.

You can take the slow track, invest little time or money and take a long time to build up your network and your income.

Or you can take the fast track, make a monthly investment in the business, coach your leaders to do the same, and accelerate the growth of your business and your Internet income.

Here is what I mean:

If you choose, you can invest about $50 to $100 each month to build your business and maintain a leadership level position that allows you to increase your percentages of monthly income and other benefits.

That investment alone will not assure your financial rewards. Remember, this is a sales NETWORK, so that means you need to build a network of ACTIVE, committed team members.

You may need to recruit quit a few tire kickers before you find a few leaders, but to make this work for you, all you really need are THREE leaders who will duplicate your efforts of investment and commitment.

Do you know three marketers with leadership potential with whom you can team up with to create success? That’s all you need.

However, finding three active leaders alone will not assure your financial success. Your three leaders must be capable of finding three leaders each, and their leaders must duplicate the process down through several generations in your network.

If you have any experience with network marketing, you know how challenging this can be. To make it work, you REALLY must work at it. You need to enlist three strong, capable and committed leaders who can coach and train their recruits to duplicate the system.

The quicker you find and recruit these leaders, the faster your progress will be. It is as simple as that. This system works if you make the investment and create duplication in each of your leaders.

I am not going to make any income claims or projections because it can be different for everybody and nothing is ever guaranteed. But I will predict that if you have at least three personally sponsored duplicators, your monthly investment should be covered and the rest is profit for you.

I am only talking about the very basic part of the SFI compensation plan here. Beyond the basics, the plan offers additional ways to generate or increase your monthly income. When you apply some of these additional ways, you can truly accelerate your income potential.

So, are you a leader, or prepared to step into a true leadership role? Join me in the SFI Internet income opportunity right now. Once you are officially registered, send me a message (through the SFI message system) to confirm your interest in the fast track to financial reward and we’ll get you started.

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Financial Reward Online

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