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Here are a few forum marketing tips for website traffic because I believe online marketing forums are still a good source of traffic and branding if approached properly. Forums, to me, were the forerunners to today’s social media sites.

The best way to market in online forums is to become an active and contributing member. Provide quality information, answer questions and generally be helpful in any way possible. Your aim is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, but leave the promoting and selling to your own website.

The two most important things you should do when you join a forum, before you begin posting, is review the guidelines for that forum, and set up your member profile and forum signature. …

Each forum community has different rules and protocol. If you want to establish a positive reputation and earn the respect of other members, you must follow the rules. For example, most forums do not allow the posting of self-serving web links. This could get you banned, or at least branded as a spammer.

Setting up your member profile and forum signature is an obvious priority. You are there to market your business, so why start posting before you are ready? If you demonstrate a sense of professionalism right from the start, you will be noticed, appreciated and respected.

The whole object of forum marketing is to gain attention and drive traffic to your website. It may take time to develop your reputation and value as a contributing member, but your aim is to become recognized as an authority in your niche, so time you spend interacting with fellow forum members is time well spent, if you stay focused on your purpose.

Forum MarketingWith that in mind, plan to visit your favourite forums regularly; a few minutes each day is best, but at the very least, several times a week. This will show your commitment and dependability and it also keeps your comments, signature and profile repeatedly in front of everybody who visits that forum.

I mentioned earlier about the importance of avoiding any promoting or selling in your forum posts. Leave that to your own website. You want forum members to think of you positively as a person who willingly offers valuable insight and information, not as the person who tries to push stuff on them every chance you get.

Forum marketing is one of the easiest ways to generate website traffic while at the same time building backlinks.

When applying the forum marketing tips presented here, remember: know the rules, set up your profile and signature, avoid promoting, and be a regular, supportive contributor. If you approach it with purpose and with respect for the community, you will build a positive brand and will drive quality traffic to your website.

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