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Getting website traffic with free online business directories is just one way of marketing your Internet business. I submit my sites to directories and while it doesn’t produce a river of traffic, it all helps in the long run.

One of the things I like best about directories is that the traffic you get from them is usually targeted, and targeted traffic should be the aim of every Internet Marketer. The main reason it is targeted is because directories are typically categorized, so the visitors who click your link have found their way to that section of the directory by choice. They were looking for, or were interested in something specific.

To increase your chances of getting highly targeted traffic from a directory, choose only directories, or categories within a directory, where your website fits in. For example, if you are selling pet products, a personal health directory or category may not be a good choice, and vice versa. …

Your purpose and goals may be different than mine, but I submit my websites only to free directories that allow one-way links. Except in rare circumstances, I do not pay for directory listings and I do not post reciprocal links on my websites. A reciprocal link is where, in return for your link in the directory, you post a link on your website pointing back to the directory.

Here is the process I usually follow when I am working at getting website traffic with free online business directories:

Free Online Business DirectoriesFirst, I choose a directory that is a suitable fit for the theme or marketing niche of the site I am submitting. Some require you to register as a member, but many do not. I will then enter the required details into each of the appropriate info fields.

The info required usually includes your domain URL, domain name, keywords, short description of the site and some brief contact details. Some directories ask for more details and some, less.

Once I have double-checked the info, I click the submit button, then move on to the next directory on my list. Some directories will accept (or reject) your submission within minutes. Others could take days, weeks, even months before they get to your request in the queue and review it.

After submitting a new site to my list of directories, I will wait perhaps six to eight months and then go through the list again, resubmitting to each of the directories to catch the ones that I may have missed the first time or where my site might not have qualified in the first round because it was new.

Directory submitting is not always a quick process, so I like to spread it out by submitting to a handful a day over a period of a week or two. You can also use directory submitting software that helps to automate some aspects of the task. Members of the Affiliate Power Group can get this software free. Or you can outsource the task to a qualified freelancer.

However it is approached, getting website traffic with free online business directories is a marketing method worth considering by every Internet Marketer.

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