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Google isn’t pulling any punches with their latest update, indicating that good web page design now means you may have to move some of your ads down so you can push your content up “above-the-fold” for greater exposure and appeal.

So suggests the Google blog post highlighting their Jan. 19 page layout algorithm improvement. This is just one of more than 500 such improvements that the Search leader plans to roll out in 2012.

Marketers and advertisers may not like this change, but if the ads on your web page currently overpower your content, and if you don’t adjust and improve the positioning of that content, you may feel Google’s wrath in the form of lower rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). …

The purpose of this page layout algorithm update is to enhance the search results for search users by encouraging good web page design among webmasters. The search engine will now examine the layout of your web pages and will measure the amount of your content and it’s positioning.

If you have too many ads above-the-fold (the portion of the web page that the visitor immediately sees upon landing there) your SERP ranking may suffer. Good Web Page DesignIf your content is too low on the page, or if it is buried in ads, your ranking may suffer.

Google says this does not make for a very good user experience and the Jan. 19 update was introduced to address it … on behalf of search users who have complained about landing on pages and not being able to easily find the expected content.

This update should come as no surprise to most Internet Marketers since the trend in recent years has been towards an increased focus on improved website content. Over the years, some website owners have become very good at optimizing their websites for the search engines while ignoring the ease and comfort of the human visitors that land on their sites.

The search engines are now placing much greater emphasis on the importance of quality content that is easy for the visitor to find. Websites that do not consistently produce quality content and position it in a user-friendly manner could begin a downward spiral in the SERP rankings.

Check out the Google Page layout algorithm improvement blog post for more insight into this update and what you can and should do about it.

In the post, the final word of advice from Google’s Matt Cutts is to “focus on delivering the best possible user experience on your websites and not to focus on specific algorithm tweaks.”

Unless, of course, your practices are in serious need of improvement, in which case you should probably follow the Google blog closely for tips you are going to need! After all, good web page design doesn’t just happen. You need to learn what to do, then you need to do it.

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