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My friends, here is a two-for-one offer where you can grab the Google Website Traffic Tips eBook and get the Headlines That Sell eBook free as a bonus. These eBooks will help with your home business opportunities marketing efforts.

Over the past year, the Google search engine has been doing algorithm updates on an increasingly regular basis – this past December alone there were 30 such updates! It is hard for marketers to keep up with these changes, especially home based entrepreneurs working at it on a part time basis.

Rather than spending all of your time reading about search engine updates, your best bet is to simply focus on the essentials of search engine optimization (SEO). You can still do plenty of things to drive traffic to your site, even through all the Google updates. …

The Google Website Traffic Tips eBook explains what Google is and how it performs searches on the Internet. It also explains what Google Page Rank is and why Google traffic is important.

Website Traffic TipsThere are chapters on Keywords, Meta Tags and Titles, the purpose of good Content, the value of quality Backlinks, blogging, article directories, web directories, Google tools, and many more traffic tips.

Use the information in this informative eBook to increase your traffic and generate more sales.

As an added incentive, when you buy the Google Traffic Tips, Tactics and Strategies eBook, I am throwing in the Headlines That Sell eBook at no extra charge (a $7.00 value).

Headlines That SellHeadlines That Sell is a 21-page eBook that gives you dozens of headlines to use immediately in your ads, sales letters and other marketing copy. The eBook also explains why the headline is so important and how to craft a truly winning headline. It covers the art of using psychological triggers, and more.

Imagine converting prospects into customers! All you have to do is choose the appropriate headline from the list provided and your ads and sales copy are good to go.

Click this link for more information about Headlines That Sell, but don’t order from that page! You can get it FREE when you order the Google Traffic Tips, Tactics and Strategies eBook.

These two resources have information you can use to improve your home business marketing efforts and accelerate your traffic and your income. Pick up the Google Website Traffic Tips eBook and the free bonus eBook today while this offer is available.

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