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Over the years, I have managed to get on the e-mailing lists of a number of recognized “heavy hitters” in the Internet Marketing industry. Every single day, these guys are hitting my email hard with the next, best, latest, greatest offer of the month!

Every single day. New, guaranteed-to-succeed money-making offers. Sometimes a few different offers from the same heavy hitter in the same day!

Judging by their testimonials, these guys must be absolutely swimming in cash because every single offer they send me promises to be the be-all, end-all of Internet income and making money online. Did I mention they send new and different offers every day? …

Something’s not right with this picture. If the testimonials and promotional copy included in the messages sent by these heavy hitters is true and accurate, then they need only promote ONE of these offers and they will be set for life.

But every single day, I receive new can’t-lose offers from these guys, and sometimes more than one money-making program the same day.

Internet MarketingHere is what I think. I think these guys are making money selling their mailing list to other marketers.

What I would like to know, but have never taken the time to research, is if any of these guys have a disclaimer on their mailing list sign-up form that states something like, “Your contact details are safe and secure with me. I will never give your contact details or sell your contact details to any other marketer or company.”

Someday, I’m going to check that out.

You might wonder why I am still on the mailing lists for any of these guys if I seem to be questioning their tactics. Well, the simple (and honest) answer is because their emails help to keep me informed and up-to-date with what new marketing programs are coming out and who might be promoting them.

In actual fact, I can’t remember when I last joined a new Internet Marketing program – it has been quite a while – but I can tell you, whatever I joined and whenever I joined it, it wasn’t as a result of an email received from a heavy hitter marketer.

Internet MarketingWhen I join something new, it is generally as a result of a recommendation from an Internet Marketing friend or associate who I have come to know and trust through a mutual association we may have on a membership site or social networking site.

Don’t get me wrong. MAYBE some of those heavy hitters are actually working some of the programs they promote. I just don’t get how they can be promoting different ones every day and sometimes a few different ones in the same day.

Also, please do not think that I am against building an email list and doing email marketing. On the contrary, email marketing is an excellent and vital way to market on the Internet.

I just think that when a marketer promotes so many things, and is continually promoting new things, it calls into question his sincerity. How can EVERY one of those programs be so perfect? Why isn’t he focusing on one GOOD program?

Personally, I prefer to focus on just a few offerings and stick with them so my customers and my networking team members know they can trust me and depend on me. Am I perfect? No! Am I honest? I try my best to be.

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