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How is your Social Network Marketing strategy? Do you have a plan? Are you achieving your goals? Do you think you could be missing out on some highly targeted traffic?

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Today I will simply say take a tour of the IM faceplate Social Network Marketing site (it’s free), join today (it’s free) and immediately expand your market reach to a new group of active, focused, motivated Internet Marketers. It’s all free!

Social Marketing is all about connecting with like-minded individuals and targeted prospects. It is about building relationships, building trust and branding yourself as an expert or as the go to person in your market niche. And it is about sharing your articles, resources and other content with people in your circles of influence wherever they may be on the Internet. . . .

IM faceplate allows you to do all of these things quickly, easily and in a way that supports the other social networks you may be a part of.

If you have your Social Network Marketing strategy set up effectively, you will already be an active member in several of the leading social sites, and you should have them linked together in some way to cross-feed info, content and prospects from one to another.

Social Network Marketing StrategyIM faceplate should be included in that process. As I have mentioned, it is free to join, relatively easy to get set up, and it will put you in immediate contact with Internet Marketers, entrepreneurs and home business enthusiasts that you may never otherwise connect with. It is a great way to expand your influence, promote yourself and support your other social networking activities.

Here is one more little enticement to consider. Every social site has a huge membership of ‘followers’ and just a handful of true leaders who seem to dominate the attention. IM faceplate is no different. There are many members, but there are just a few leaders who are truly active, focused and consistent in their social marketing.

If you join now (it’s free), and if you make a commitment to daily action for the next few months or so, you can set yourself up as one of the recognized leaders and put yourself in a position to attract the lion’s share of attention and traffic.

Here’s what you do:

– Join free and set up all sections of your faceplate (just follow directions);

– Participate daily in the discussion groups and start new discussion groups regularly;

– Post comments and recommendations on your ‘face’ daily;

– As quickly as you can, add a series of your articles to your own articles section, and then add new articles as frequently as you can afterwards;

– Set up several Spotlights in your Spotlights section, then add new ones periodically;

– Regularly visit other members’ faceplates and post comments on their face, their articles and their spotlights.

If your time is limited, just start with the basics and add content or sections as you are able to … but do get started! There is no time like the present to begin building your foundation and as you should well know, the effort you make today will pay handsomely in the future. Do it right and it has a snowball effect, gaining momentum as time goes on.

Does your Social Network Marketing strategy include IM faceplate yet? If not, head over there right now, take a tour of the site, and then join and begin creating content and connecting with others, and immediately work on building your brand.

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