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Every Internet Marketer needs to learn how to build an email list. There are many ways to make money online, but a well-developed email list is one beneficial resource that has the potential to pay you dividends over and over again.

This post will highlight the key points of opt-in list building. More detailed guides can be found by searching online or by joining a membership site like the Affiliate Power Group.

The first step in building your list is understanding the value and importance of doing it. …

Most visitors to a website do not purchase anything the first time and in this age of transient web surfing, few of your visitors will return. Getting them to sign up and opt in to your list is a way to capture their email address so you can keep them in your marketing funnel.

Once they are on your email list, you will be able to send them follow-up messages anytime you want. However, do not overwhelm them with persistent and frequent hardcore sales pitches or you risk offending them and having them withdraw from your list. Make sure each message you send includes something of value, not just a sales message or product offer.

Here is a brief outline of the process of how to build an email list:

1) Get an Autoresponder account: I recommend GetResponse as I have been using it successfully for a number of years.

How to Build an Email ListAn autoresponder is an email service that allows you to automatically collect and record the emails of people who opt-in to your list. You can then set up a series of automated messages to go out to each person on your list at scheduled intervals. The beauty of it is that once your prospect signs up to be in the system, the service takes over the automatic messaging from there.

You can also send updates anytime you want without interfering with the automatic messages.

2) Create an Incentive for people to sign up: A newsletter is a popular incentive. You write, or have written for you, a series of informative and helpful articles that will be of interest to your targeted audience.

The newsletter articles will be delivered at designated intervals. You can also include a more immediate bonus for signing up, like a free eBook or report, a training course, software or useful products or services – anything that you can provide at no cost or low cost to you, but will have value to the recipient.

3) Put an Opt-in Form on every page of your website: Most autoresponder services will help you create an opt-in form and will give you the form code to paste onto your website. Most forms ask only for the visitor’s first name and email address. The incentives or benefits being offered should be briefly stated. Most Internet Marketers place their opt-in forms in a prominent position near the top of their web page.

4) Promote the Benefits of signing up for your email list: These are all optional, but if you choose, you can write blog posts, post notes on social sites and traffic exchanges, and use lead capture pages. Or you can skip the direct promoting and simply put all your effort into recommended traffic methods for driving visitors to your website – but that’s a topic for another day!

This has been the “short version” of How to Build an Email List. For more insight and discussion on the topic, you can search online, or look for a good mentoring group to join. I recommend the Affiliate Power Group.

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