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New Internet Marketers who want to give their website a natural search engine optimization (SEO) boost should consider these internal link building tips. Internal links are links on your site that point to other pages also on your site.

There can be a few reasons why it is good to direct your visitors to your various web pages: it might be for the value of the information they will find, or to encourage them to purchase a product or service, or simply to keep them on your site longer. It also helps to strengthen the optimization of your site.

If you set up your internal links properly, they will look natural and will also help to achieve the results you want on all levels, whatever your purpose for them might be. …

The first of my link building tips today focuses on the importance of using anchor text in your links; in other words, hyperlinking your keywords.

You should use anchor text in all of your links whenever and wherever possible, whether they are links on your own site pointing to your own pages, or links you place on other websites, pointing back to your website. Of course, you don’t always have control over how other sites choose to Link Building Tipspost your links, but when you do have control, use anchor text.

Here is the key to success with anchor text: use the keywords that the page the link points to is optimized for. Do not use generic terms like “Click Here” because you receive no SEO value for doing it that way. Don’t waste your links. Wherever and whenever you can, use your keywords as your anchor text.

The next internal tip has to do with site navigation. First, you should link to your most important pages from your main navigation menu. Also, as much as possible, try to cross link to every optimized page on your site from every other optimized page on your site. Adding a site map to your website is a good idea and it is also recommended to add a privacy policy page and a contact page.

The final tip for today is to highlight the value of in-context linking. In contrast to links found in a navigation menu or site map, in-context links are found in the main content of your site. You try to make the keywords you are using as anchor text for the link fit smoothly and naturally into a sentence.

A word of caution about over-optimizing your site: Google and the other popular search engines are continually improving the algorithms that analyze your site and they are beginning to get serious about penalizing sites that are too obvious about their SEO and that go overboard with their keywords and anchor text.

Your aim when building your site and adding content is to make it look as natural and appealing to a human visitor as possible, not contrived. Simply review your site or your content from the perspective of a visitor and if something looks less than natural, change it.

If you use anchor text in your links, cross-linking in your navigation menus, and moderate and appropriate use of in-context links, you will give your website a natural SEO boost. These are the types of internal link building tips that are used by many successful Internet Marketers.

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