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The week before last, it was my pleasure to be part of a three day event recognizing the achievement of some highly motivated and dedicated individuals: graduation ceremonies for adult students who earned graduate and undergraduate degrees through distance education.

Honoured at this event were about 400 grads that travelled from across the country and around the world to attend the ceremony. Thousands more were not able to attend.

My role in this event allowed me to take a close look at the challenges and highlights of each of the nearly 400 who attended. This intimate review of their stories was both humbling and inspiring. It is incredible, the commitment and sacrifice that some of these graduates made to reach their goal. …

The average undergraduate in this group is 29 years old, and the average graduate is 36. More than 80 per cent worked while they studied and more than 60 per cent support dependents. Can you imagine working full time (even part time) while raising a family AND studying to earn an accredited degree? It is an incredible endeavour when you really think about it.

As Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs we often work long hours to develop or advance our business interests. We often make personal, financial and family related sacrifices in order to pursue our marketing dreams. It is not uncommon to commit several years of hard work to our businesses before we start seeing a reasonable return on our investment of time and resources.

Here’s a question: When we do this, are we truly making the best use of our time? Or are we just spinning our wheels? Perhaps we should place greater emphasis on working smarter, not harder.

The graduates mentioned above worked hard at their studies for several years in order to earn their degrees. In some cases this was a personal goal for the sake of personal achievement. In many more cases, however, the purpose was to enhance their value so they could further advance their career.

They worked hard, but they were also working smart because they made sacrifices in the short term to prepare for success in the long term. Their university degrees now allow them to qualify for preferred jobs of their choosing and for the best paying jobs.

As an entrepreneur and Internet Marketer, you may not feel inclined to pursue a university degree, but you can still increase your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field and set yourself up as a go-to leader in that field. You can easily do this by committing to daily reading and research.
New Psychology of Achievement
In a quote attributed to the late, great Earl Nightingale, he explains it this way: “If you will spend an extra hour each day of study in your chosen field, you will be a national expert in that field in five years.”

Imagine that: an expert in your field … in five years … simply by reading for an hour each and every day.

We are now quite thoroughly immersed in the Information Age. Those who hope to succeed in this fast paced, information rich environment must keep pace with the advancing knowledge in their field and must learn to adapt quickly to changing best-practices in their industry.

Information is the key. Knowledge is the catalyst. Empowerment is the goal. Personal or financial success is the reward!

Reading is the gateway and if we are willing to work hard at our business in the early years while committing to a reading program to build our knowledge base, then in a few years time we will find ourselves working smarter, not harder, and we will become the industry leaders that we today desire to be.

Remember: Internet Marketing experts are made, not born.

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