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I really mean that: Internet Marketing Forums are a wealth of wisdom, insight and knowledge. There are general interest forums, forums that cater to particular niches and exclusive forums for members only.

Today, let me tell you about the Warrior Forum. It is one of the most widely known and most active forums catering specifically to the interests of Internet Marketers. Basic membership is free and there are upgrade options for members who want to take advantage of a few select advanced features.

I have been a member of the Warrior Forum since 2007. My activity there varies depending on my marketing focus and interests of the moment. My purpose is two-fold: first, to learn from others and to keep up or catch up with current market trends; and second, to share some of my own marketing experiences and insight with other home based business marketing enthusiasts. …

If you spend any time in Internet Marketing forums and other similar social sites, you soon notice that most have their own unique personality. Some are more relaxed and social, while others are more businesslike and formal.
Internet Marketing Forums
Many times, the nature or personality of a particular forum ends up being a reflection of your own personality: if you are friendly, other members are friendly; if you are critical and direct, other members respond in a like manner.

In the Warrior Forum, you will find a cross-section of personalities. Some members are wonderfully helpful and supportive; some are a bit touchy and confrontational; the odd one here and there comes across as somewhat antagonistic towards others. Really, it is little different from the mix of personalities you will find in any public social group, whether online or offline.

Warrior Forum Discussion Categories

One thing that adds to the popularity of the Warrior Forum is the number and variety of discussion categories available. In the general categories, there is the main forum, support forums, specialty forums, a chat room and an events section.

A few of the general categories include sub-categories, like Mobile Marketing, Ad Networks, Self-Improvement, Copywriting, Warrior Special Offers, Adsense/PPC/SEO, Product Reviews and Ratings, Programming Talk, Website Design, Joint Ventures and a number of other categories.

Within each of the sub-categories, a whole range of individual discussion groups exist, each centered on a particular topic as chosen and initiated by one of the members. You can name a possible topic and chances are there is at least one discussion group engaged in it. If not, you can start a group!

The Warrior Forum is a great place to meet other marketers of all experience levels and to share information and business and product opportunities. You can also work on building your brand, establishing yourself as an expert in your niche, and further expanding your social network.

Internet Marketing forums definitely offer a wealth of information, and the Warrior Forum is a leader in this type of business social community. If you haven’t yet visited the Warrior Forum, or if you have not been there for awhile, then please let me encourage you to take a look at it today. Look me up when you become a member!

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