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The first step in becoming an Internet Marketing professional is learning and applying some basic search engine optimization (SEO) skills and the first step in being an effective optimizer is reviewing a few basic keyword research tips.

The more experienced you become, the deeper you can delve into your keyword research, but in the beginning the most important thing is to effectively optimize your website and all content you create with highly targeted keywords. There are a variety of resources and keyword tools available to help you with this process.

Targeted keywords are important because that is what your best prospects will use to find their way to your website, and the bottom line to Internet Marketing, SEO and keyword research is driving qualified traffic to your site. …

Ideally, the first place to apply these keyword research tips is to your domain name. If you have not yet chosen a domain name, then I have caught you at the best time!

Your website will get ranked higher if you use your keyword or keyword phrase as your domain name. Unfortunately, many newcomers to online marketing either do not fully understand the importance of this, or they are not properly coached by those in the know. If you are still in the process of choosing a domain name, then be certain to research your keywords thoroughly before you decide.

Whether you are choosing keywords for your domain, or for your onsite SEO, or for content you plan to post on your website or offsite somewhere, you should begin with the end in mind: making a sale.

Your best chance at making a sale will come by showing your offer to qualified prospects, and you qualify your prospects by attracting them with a targeted keyword, something that describes precisely what they are shopping for.

Keyword Research TipsIf you have your website niche or your product or service already determined, then you must create a profile of your ideal customer to help you determine which keywords will be most suitable. Who are your ideal customers? What are they looking for? What problems will your product solve for them?

Try to think like a consumer who is looking for the exact thing you are offering and write down all of the words and phrases they might use to search for such a product. This is the starting point for your keyword research.

Once you have a selection of keywords to consider, type them one at a time into the keyword finder tool of your choice. This will give you additional keyword suggestions you may not already have thought of. Since you have done all of this work, it is a good idea to save these keywords in a Notepad file for future reference and use.

If you want to take your research a step further, you can do a keyword and domain analysis of your competitors websites. If you know who they are, you can check the keywords on their sites and use this to choose competitive keywords for your own site.

Alternatively, you can enter your desired keyword into a search engine and then research the top 10 sites returned in the results. If you have a good keyword research tool, it can make the process of keyword and domain analysis much easier and quicker.

Once your research is done and you have your chosen keyword effectively in play, then you can monitor its progress to see how well it is working. Over time, through testing various keywords, you will identify the best ones to keep and which ones to replace.

Using effective methods of SEO to get free website traffic involves many factors, but keywords are a priority and following the keyword research tips presented here will help you with the process.

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Keyword Research TipsKeyword Research Tips

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