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Everybody who markets online needs to have an autoresponder service to help them manage their contact lists and create and send newsletters to their prospects. GetResponse (GR) is one of the most recognized services for this purpose.

I have been using the GR service since I first started my home based Internet Marketing business and it has proven to be extremely dependable. I have several email marketing newsletter campaigns set up in my GR account and I don’t know how I would manage them otherwise. …

Chances are you are familiar with this process, but what I do is write (or have written for me) a series of niche-related articles and I then load them into my GR autoresponder. I give the series a campaign name and I set up the autoresponder to automatically deliver the articles to subscribers at certain intervals. The intervals could be one a day, or every two days, or three days or whatever I feel is appropriate for the particular niche.

I then create a sign-up or opt-in form and place it on my web pages, landing pages or wherever most suitable for a particular newsletter campaign.

Using the GR service, I link the form to my GR campaign … and that’s all I have to do! When visitors sign up or opt in to a campaign, they simply enter their name and email address and submit the form and the autoresponder system takes it from there.

Email Marketing NewsletterThe new subscriber will first receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription. Once they confirm, they instantly receive a welcome message from me (the first newsletter in the series) that also includes any sign-up bonuses I have offered and (usually) the first article in the newsletter series. From there, they begin receiving the newsletters in their email at the intervals I have previously programmed into the autoresponder.

It is very easy to manage your campaigns. You can add messages in at any point in a series, or delete messages you no longer want to send, or quickly edit any message that needs altering.

Here’s the beauty and one of the main reasons for building an email list: Your GR autoresponder will let you send special offers and one-off messages anytime you want. Send them to everybody on the list, or to select recipients. These special mailings do not affect the scheduled delivery of your main campaign. The campaign just keeps rolling out at the prescribed intervals no matter how many special messages you send in between.

One more note about GetResponse: Once you are an account holder, you have full access to all related features and services, including tutorials to guide you through every feature of the system.

So, let me ask you again: How would you like to launch your email marketing newsletter and receive an instant $30 credit? It’s a great deal for a great service and one that every Internet Marketer needs. Click this link, $30 GR Credit, for details and join me at GetResponse today! (Remember, the offer ENDS April 6.)

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