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How do I love this free link building tutorial? Let me count the ways… Yep. There are 30 of ‘em! All wrapped up in a handy little eBook just waiting for you to take them, apply them and reap the backlink benefits.

Internet Marketing is all about traffic, and one of the best ways … no, make that TWO of the best ways to get free traffic are via links you get on other sites similar to yours, and organic traffic you get from high search engine rankings.

The added advantage to getting backlinks from other websites is that if they are quality links, chances are each one will earn you a little bit more search engine love. And that all adds up to better positioning on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

A new eBook has just been released that shows you 30 ways to get backlinks. It is a link building tutorial and I am giving it away free as an added bonus to subscribers of my Website Traffic Tips Newsletter. …

If you are already a subscriber, I will send you an email message with the backlinks eBook download link. If you are not yet a subscriber, subscribe now! The link will be included with your welcome message after you confirm your subscription.

Link Building TutorialMost home business enthusiasts who market with websites on the Internet use a variety of backlinking methods. This is important for a couple of reasons.

First, you never want to depend on just one or two methods of getting backlinks because if one method fails for some reason, or your hard-earned backlinks start dropping off from that method, then you could be left high and dry. It is best to have a number of linking methods in the works to help keep you covered and keep the traffic flowing.

Second, the search engines are watching your website very closely these days and if your backlinking profile doesn’t look natural enough, your site could be penalized. That could mean a sudden loss of ranking in the SERPs and in some cases, a complete ban from the SERPs until you change your ways.

To create a more natural looking backlinking profile, you should work to develop a good assortment of backlinks. That is where this new eBook comes into play.

It covers everything from why links on “nofollow” sites are important, to the value of on-page optimization, and on to explanations and highlights of the promised 30 ways to get backlinks.

For example, Link Baiting, creating “mini” websites, Social Bookmarking, Article Marketing (includes a list of article directories), places to “drop” your link, document sharing sites, online directories, RSS directories, Podcasts, creating a free eBook or report, using Pinterest, Blog Directories and many more… including a few backlink methods to steer clear of!

Not every online marketer will use every method, but the more you can use, the better it will be for your backlinking profile and for your direct traffic and organic search engine results.

I hope you see how valuable this link building tutorial can be for your Internet business. Subscribe to my Website Traffic Tips Newsletter now and you can be reading all about the 30 ways to get backlinks within the next few minutes, and applying what you have learned soon afterwards.

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