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A few weeks ago I posted a number of basic tips for Web content writing. This will be a follow up to that post. Please read on for a few more online article writing tips.

First off, whether you are writing articles for the Web or for any other medium, it is good practice to include answers to the questions of who, why, where, when, what and how. If you are writing with the reader in mind, and if your aim is to produce quality articles, answering some or all of these questions is a must.

Second, pay attention to grammar and spelling. This is all part of quality control and professionalism. Your reputation and success as an Internet Marketer depends on the image you portray and the more professional your articles are, the more credibility you will gain as a serious and dependable marketer. …

Third, make your title direct, relevant and catchy. It is the hook that draws the attention of the reader and motivates them to want to read the article. The best titles tell what the reader can expect to take away from the article.

Fourth, prepare a strong, relevant introduction. The introduction follows the title and must be equally relevant to the topic of the article. You can write something bold or controversial, or use a popular quote that either expresses or leads into the topic of the article.

Online Article WritingFifth, organize your article. Online article writing is different from print articles in that people online tend to skim the material more than read it. They are looking for specific bits of information that will be insightful, interesting and helpful.

Some elements that can be included in the structure of your article are subheadings, numbers and bullets. Elements like these make it easier to read the article and online readers respond well to them.

Sixth, use common words, phrases and references and avoid technical jargon. The aim is to make your writing comfortable and easy to read.

Seventh, whenever and wherever you can, use stories to engage your readers and use clear examples to get your points across. The idea is to put the information in context and demonstrate to the reader exactly how the key points can be applied.

Finally, edit your article. Read it and re-read it to check for spelling and grammatical errors and to make sure it reads well and the flow of information is clear and effective.

Whether your online article writing is for your website, or for other websites, or for article directories, use the tips included here to improve the quality of your work. Your reputation as a professional Internet Marketer is on the line, so always focus on quality.

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