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This is a follow-up to yesterday’s home business resources blog post, The Wisdom of a Website for Internet Marketing. In that post, I gave my top three reasons why you should have your own website for marketing online.

Today, I will offer a few more thoughts on the subject. Of course, everybody has their own reasons for marketing with or without a website, so please accept this as my perspective on the matter.

To paraphrase yesterday’s post in a few words, the three reasons for setting up your own site were Professionalism, Diversified Revenue Streams, and List-Building. …

Today, I will talk about Credibility, Content and e-Commerce. Please read on!


Not only does registering a domain name and setting up a website give you a professional appearance, but it also increases your credibility in the eyes of your prospects and potential marketing partners.

It’s all part of the focus on branding. Your aim as a serious Internet Marketer should be to make your presence known as a preferred source for whatever your product or service line may be. You want prospects to think of you when they are in need of the thing(s) you sell.

Socrates Website ThemeIf all you ever do is advertise affiliate links and send prospects to affiliate landing pages, how on earth are they going to get to know you? You will never be noticed or remembered.

When you set up a site of your own you can create brand awareness and the image of a professional, credible, dependable marketer. Shouldn’t that be your goal? Isn’t that what you want?


Success on the Internet revolves around unique, quality content. That is, blog posts, website articles, article directory submissions, social marketing interaction and posting, and other methods of sharing or distributing the written word as it relates to your marketing niche and your products or services.

How are you going to effectively share and distribute your important messages if you don’t have a website to use as your home base online, a place to send your prospects? It is okay to send prospects to your affiliate landing pages and product sales pages, but as much as possible, you should filter them through your website first so they get to know you as a leader in your field.

One key to becoming memorable and successful as an online marketer is to create fresh, quality, useful content and post it on your website as frequently as possible. You lose that opportunity if you don’t have your own domain name and a professional website.


Yesterday, I mentioned diversifying your revenue streams. One way to do this is to find a reputable e-commerce shopping site, become a marketing affiliate for that site, and then use your own website to highlight various products and features offered on that site.

Socrates Website ThemeIf you don’t have your own website, you are missing the benefits of doing this. Sure, you can be just like countless other affiliates who simply advertise their affiliate links, but at the end of the day, who is going to earn the respect and trust of the prospect? The person with a professional website!

When you have your own site, you can post product reviews and recommendations, articles or blog posts relating to those products, images, photos and more. Ultimately, your visitors will click the affiliate link you have posted on your website and they will go to the e-commerce site to view the item and place their order, but they will know that it is YOU they are dealing with.

Credibility, Content and e-Commerce are just three more great reasons why there is a whole lot of wisdom in getting your own domain name registered and getting your own marketing website set up. It makes sense when you consider it from all angles.

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