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The home Internet business enthusiast faces numerous challenges when developing an independent enterprise and there are three particular obstacles to success that seem to catch up many aspiring marketers.

Your experience and perspective may be different, because Internet Marketing encompasses a very broad field of business activity, but these three examples are challenges I have experienced personally and have observed in other Affiliate Marketers.

Success online is certainly possible, and there are many other factors to learn and master than just these three, but in my opinion, these are foundational. …

They are Competition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Marketing (Social Media).

I will highlight each one in a separate post.

In this post, let’s begin with Competition.

Some home Internet business marketers may argue that “competition” and “market saturation” is a myth, and that the market potential is so huge that there is more than enough opportunity for everybody: always has been, always will be.

And you know what? I agree with them as far as potential and opportunity goes. However, the kind of competition that I am talking about relates more to the marketing niche you choose and the marketing methods you employ.

Home Internet BusinessYou absolutely must research the available niche markets and select one that has sufficient consumer interest and that is appropriate to your interests and abilities. Clear niche focus is one obstacle that new marketers face and often fail to overcome, no matter what type of Internet or Affiliate Marketing they get involved with.

Equally important is to develop a focused and purpose-driven plan for marketing your niche business. There are a wide variety of marketing methods to use and an effective marketer who is aiming for success will include a number of them.

Never rely on just one or two methods. Everything, from developing your brand and your web presence to drawing highly targeted prospects and website visitors depends on reaching a wider market. You simply cannot do that with a limited number of “tools” in your marketing toolbox.

If you want to prove that “competition” and “market saturation” is a myth, you must choose and acutely define your niche market and you must learn and employ several well-planned and complementary marketing methods.

Overcoming obstacles is all part of the entrepreneurial challenge. If it was easy, everybody would be successful at doing it and your opportunity would be limited. Fortunately, the opportunity still exists for you to rise above the competition and achieve exceptional home Internet business success.

Watch for my next two posts that will discuss the obstacles of Search Engine Optimization and Social Marketing.

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