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Keyword marketing is the foundation of search engine success, but some marketers focus only on their home page. Other areas of a site need attention, too, and you should optimize your website pages for different keywords.

A balanced program of search engine optimization (SEO) should include all key pages on a website and each page should be optimized for different but related keywords and promoted with off-site methods accordingly.

The more pages you can add to your website and optimize for different keywords, the better. Many Internet Marketers use longer keyword phrases, at least in the early stages of their online business, because longer phrases have less search engine competition. …

As their web pages begin to show up and stick on the first page of the search engine results pages, the marketers will then begin marketing with shorter phrases and more competitive search terms.

One example I have seen of optimizing for different keywords comes from the Axandra Search Engine newsletter, which states:

“For example, start with the keywords ‘buy sneakers in atlanta’, ‘buy cowboy boots in
atlanta’, ‘buy pumps in atlanta’, ‘shoe shop atlanta’, etc. When you have managed to
get high rankings for many of these keyphrases, Google will know that your website is
relevant to the topic ‘shoes’.”
– From the Axandra Search Engine Newsletter

In recent blog posts and in forum discussions and articles, I have commented about how the search engines are now placing an even greater emphasis on quality content. Websites are Optimize Your Websitesuitably rewarded that offer good, quality content that is positioned high on the web page, offers value to the reader, and is not repetitious on the site.

Keeping that in mind, when you create additional pages, make the content somewhat unique from page to page. It can follow the theme or niche of your site, but give it a different angle and use different, but similar, keywords as noted.

When you optimize your website pages for different keywords, it helps to accelerate your success with search engine positioning and also helps you reach a wider market of targeted prospects. Start putting this into practice today!

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