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Friends and associates who know me know that I am a big promoter of continuous learning and self-improvement. Today, I will highlight two Personal Development Spotlights I have posted at the popular new Social Networking site, IM faceplate.

Given my interest in personal development, it comes as no surprise that I also market a particular line of self-improvement products. While my personal library is filled with books, audios and videos from motivational leaders like Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie and others, the business leader who dominates the busiest section of my bookshelf is Brian Tracy.

Brian is a recognized and respected business consultant, best-selling author and professional public speaker. His goal is to help motivated people achieve their goals faster and easier than they would ever have imagined. In fact, more than four million people have succeeded in achieving their business and personal goals thanks to Brian’s training, coaching and support materials.

Information about several of Brian’s audio programs and other materials can be found here on my website, however, today I want to draw your attention to two Spotlights I posted recently at IM faceplate

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

The New Psychology of Achievement

I personally refer to these two excellent and highly inspirational programs on a regular basis:

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

This personal development program has become known as the Winners Guide for the Game of Life. Brian notes that, similar to the laws of nature that govern the physical world, there are universal laws of success and achievement that govern all of our activities in our daily lives.

Brian has spent his life researching these laws and he has identified 149 specific laws that cover every aspect of success and achievement in life and in business and marketing.

The personal development Spotlight I posted at IM faceplate highlighting The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement provides some additional information and a short list of a few of the Laws covered extensively in Brian’s audio program.

The New Psychology of Achievement

This personal development program specializes in breakthrough strategies for success and happiness in the 21st Century. Brian notes that in the climate of today’s fast-paced business world, the critical factor is competition: “You must develop the skills to outthink and outsmart your competition,” advises Brian. “You must possess all the skills to compete effectively.”

The New Psychology of Achievement includes a series of powerful ideas that I know will inspire listeners to take action and, as Brian says, motivate them to accomplish more in the weeks and months ahead than they might ever have dreamed of previously.

The Spotlight at IM faceplate highlighting this great program offers some additional insight and a short list of some of the ways Brian will inspire you to greater personal and business achievement in your life.

To view these Spotlights, please click this link to go to my IM faceplate Spotlights page and look for each of the program titles.

It is often said that knowledge is power. However, in this enlightened age, we now know that knowledge is only power when it is followed up with action. In other words, it is applied knowledge that holds true power.

Having been a dedicated fan of Brian Tracy’s self-improvement materials for a number of years, I can say that Brian knows what personal achievement is all about. His programs deliver on their promise of practical insight and effective strategies for success.

For your own knowledge and benefit, I hope you will take a few minutes right now to visit my IM faceplate Spotlights page and view these two Personal Development Spotlights. As many people like to say, it’s free to look, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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