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Here is a little SEO eBook that has helped me increase my website ranking and if you are interested, you can rank higher with this search engine optimization resource, too. It will teach you how to achieve success in three easy steps.

Written by SEO expert Suzanne Morrison, 3 Steps To Search Engine Success covers the basic elements of how to give the search engines exactly what they want so they will give you what you want: a higher search engine ranking resulting in more website traffic.

Successful SEO begins with choosing the right Keywords. Keyword Marketing is so vital in this new age of ever-increasing competitiveness. A lot of marketers overlook or undervalue this point, but keywords form the foundation of your search engine success, so you really must do what you need to do to get it right. …

When choosing keywords, there is a delicate balance between keywords that are not quite popular enough and those that are just a little too popular. Suzanne takes you step-by-step through the process of selecting just the right keywords for a particular post or article.

Optimizing your website is equally important and it is not as difficult as some may think. Suzanne explains everything in simple terms and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it. Some of the items you will optimize on your website are the TITLE tag, META keyword tags, the content in the body of your web pages, keyword density in that content, the ALT tags of your images, how to create a Site Map, the purpose of the Robots.txt file, and more.

Search Engine Optimization ResourceOff site optimization is just as important and there are a number of offsite elements that every Internet Marketer needs to be aware of. This can include everything from submitting articles, to directory submissions, press releases, forum marketing, backlinks, social marketing and more. Each of these elements are highlighted in this search engine optimization resource and explained in Suzanne’s easy manner.

The eBook includes a few other sections covering techniques and tools to monitor your progress, a list of things NOT to do, like keyword spamming and using hidden text, a glossary of search engine terms, and a few final words from Suzanne.

Much of what I have learned about search engine optimization I have learned from Suzanne and much of that is in this eBook. It is easy to read, easy to apply and effective for the purpose.

Now, I am offering you the chance to rank higher with this search engine optimization resource, too. Take a look at Suzanne’s information page for yourself and see what you think about it:
3 Steps To Search Engine Success.

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