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Last night at our weekly Toastmasters meeting I was asked to speak for two minutes on whether or not New Year’s Resolutions had any value. As I presented my views, I realized how important resolutions can be for Internet Success.

My perspective is that New Year’s Resolutions are a kind of goal setting and if they are structured well, they can be powerful in producing the desired results.

I gave the personal example of how, a number of decades ago, I used to smoke cigarettes. I realized that smoking was not good for your health and I recognized that the desire to smoke was nothing more than a controlling habit, and I did not like that. So, one New Year’s Eve, I made the resolution to quit smoking “sometime” in the coming year. …

Well, to make a long story short, from the moment I made that resolution I never smoked again in my life. Here is how I did it.

It wasn’t long after midnight when my resolve was tested. Oh, how I wanted a cigarette! But I resisted, challenging myself to go one hour without giving in. Then I stretched it to two hours. Then I went to bed.

When I woke up, the craving was fierce, but I had a new target: wait until noon and make it 12 hours without a smoke. At noon I did the same thing, taking it one hour at a time, but then my goal became to last for 24 hours without smoking.

At midnight, having completed the first 24 hours successfully, I set my mind on making it to 48 hours without a cigarette, and I went on from there, never to smoke again.

Resolve to Make 2013 Your Year for Internet Success

You can apply the related concepts of New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting to achieve Internet Marketing success in 2013.

First, resolve to make online success your goal.
(Not a wish or a hope or a dream, but a firm goal.)

Second, set a specific income target. This is very important. The more clearly defined your goals and targets are, the more enthusiastic and confident you become in pursuing them.

Third, develop a plan of action. Take your income target and break it down by the month, the week, the day and the hour. How much do you need to earn each hour (on the average) to meet your income goal? What do you need to sell to earn that amount of income? How many customers do you need in a day (on the average) to reach your target?

Do you see how defining your target in this way gives you focus? How it can give meaning and purpose to every single action you do throughout the day? If your actions do not in some way support the achievement of getting the required number of customers and making the required number of sales, then you have to question the value of doing those actions.

Fourth, examine your present marketing opportunity: does it have the potential to do what you need it to do to produce the desired results? If it fits the bill, then determine what you need to do to make it work and then focus all of your attention and energies on doing the required tasks.

If you can’t see your present opportunity producing the desired results, then you need a different income opportunity.

Fifth, whatever Internet income opportunity you choose to develop, find a leader or two in that opportunity and seek mentoring from them. If you are promoting an Affiliate Marketing opportunity, it will be easy to find a leader to team up with; just look to your sponsor or an upline team leader.

All of the above steps are standard for marketing success with any income opportunity, any time. However, with the New Year approaching, you now have a very powerful opportunity to make a firm New Year’s resolution that will empower you with the focus and enthusiasm and resolve that you need to stick with it and make it work.

Make 2013 YOUR year for Internet success!

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